What is the molarity of 4.9\% H2SO4 solution?

What is the molarity of 4.9\% H2SO4 solution?

So molarity is 0.05M.

What is the molarity of H2SO4 solution that has a density 1.84 g CC?

so molarity = 1 mole / 54.3 ml * 1000 = 18.41 M. Q3. What is the molarity of H2SO4 solution, that has a density 1.84 gm/cc at 35∘C and contains solute 98\% by weight? Q4.

What is the molarity of 98\% by mass of H2SO4 whose density is 1.8 g mL?

= 17.98 M. Hence, the molarity of the solution is 17.98 M.

What is the molarity of H2SO4 solution containing 49\% H2SO4 by mass?

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= 0.590 liter. ⇒ Molarity = 0.75 M. Hence, the Molarity of the solution is 0.75 M.

What is molarity of solution containing 49\% of H2SO4 by mass?

molarity = 4.09M.

How do you find the molarity of Sulphuric acid?

1 gram of H2SO4 will be equal to 1/98.08 moles. Therefore, we can say that 1 liter of Sulfuric acid contains 17.822 moles or in other words molarity of 95\% (w/w) Sulfuric acid is equal to 17.822 M….Known values.

Known values
Molecular weight of H2SO4 98.08 g/mole
Concentration of Sulfuric acid 95\% (\% by mass, wt/wt)

What is the molarity of H2SO4 solution that has a density 1.84 g CC at 35oc and contains 98\% by weight?

What is the molarity of H2SO4 solution that has a density of 1.84g/cc at 350C and contains 98\% by weight? A . 4.18M.

What is the molarity of 1 N H2SO4?

The molarity of 1N SULPHURIC ACID = 2M.

How do you make 0.05 M sulfuric acid?

  1. Take 950 ml distilled and cool water in a container.
  2. Take exactly 2.45 ml( for 0.05 N H2SO4) or 4.9 ml ( for 0.05 M H2SO4 ) pure Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) .
  3. Now, add Sulphuric acid to the distilled water drop by drop with constant stirring.
  4. Allow the solution to be cooled.
  5. Add some more water to make it upto 1000 ml.
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What will be the density of 3.6 molar Sulphuric acid having 29 by mass?

The density (in g mL–1) of a 3.60 M sulphuric acid solution that is 29\% H2SO4 (Molar mass = 98 g mol-) by mass will be. 1.64.

What is the molarity of 98\% sulfuric acid?

Dilutions to Make a 1 Molar Solution

Concentrated Reagents Density Molarity (M)
Perchloric acid 70\% 1.67 11.6
Orthophosphoric acid 85\% 1.7 15.2
Sodium hydroxide 47\% 1.5 17.6
Sulfuric acid 98\% 1.84 18.4

What is the molarity of a 5\% sulfuric acid solution?

If it meant exactly 5.00\% w/w, then 0.515M is a good answer. If it meant 5.00\% w/v (5.00 g sulfuric acid in 100 mL solution, then we do not need to multiply times the 1.01 density factor. If they meant 5\% (as in between 4.5\% and 5.4\%) but not exactly 5.00\%, then we can only write 0.5M as the molarity of that solution.

What is the density of an ideal solution of sulfuric acid?

The expected density for an ideal solution is 1.57 g/mL. Sulfuric acid dissolves in water but not as an ideal solution at higher concentrations. It should take a little less acid to make a 64\% solution. 100 mL solution should weigh 154 grams.

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How many grams of sulfuric acid are in 1 liter of solution?

If the solution concentration is 5\% w/w (5 g of sulfuric acid per 100 g of solution), 1 liter of solution would contain As the molecular weight of sulfuric acid is 98.1, that number of grams of sulfuric acid, translated to moles, is 50.5÷98.1=50.5/98.1=0.515 moles.

How do you make 75\% acid by volume from 96\% sulfuric acid?

This is to say that 78.125 mL of 96\% sulfuric acid must be mixed with 21.75 mL of water to prepare 100 mL of a solution that is 75\% acid by volume. You need to clarify the question. You will need a highly concentrated sulfuric acid solution. So you buy some 96\% sulfuric acid, and you have 100 mL of distilled water.