What is the difference between maintaining and storing?

What is the difference between maintaining and storing?

As verbs the difference between maintain and store is that maintain is (obsolete|transitive) to support (someone), to back up or assist (someone) in an action while store is (transitive) to keep (something) while not in use, generally in a place meant for that purpose.

What is the difference between maintaining and sustaining?

Maintain means to do what is needed to ensure something stays a certain state or quality, often the equivalent of “to keep up” or “to take care of.” Maintain applies if what is needed to keep things up is a periodic or occasional activity. Sustain means to hold something at a certain level.

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What is the difference of conserve and preserve?

Conservation is generally associated with the protection of natural resources, while preservation is associated with the protection of buildings, objects, and landscapes. Put simply conservation seeks the proper use of nature, while preservation seeks protection of nature from use.

What difference between put and keep?

Main Difference – Keep vs Put The main difference between keep and put is that put usually refers to a temporary or short-term action whereas keep refers to a more long-term action.

Is sustain and retain same?

is that sustain is to maintain, or keep in existence while retain is to keep in possession or use.

What are the differences between preservation and conservation of library materials?

Since the 1980s, the library and archival communities have used “preservation” as an umbrella term for activities that reduce or prevent damage to extend the life expectancy of collections, while “conservation” refers more specifically to the physical treatment of individual damaged items.

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What is keep in grammar?

The verb to keep is commonly used to describe when an action continues. It is always followed by a verb ending in -ing. Keep (on) moving! Note: The verb to continue is similar to keep, however, it is rarely used in the imperative, and rarely to give encouragement. We don’t say: ‘Continue like that!

Where we use keep?

“He is doing work around the house to earn his keep.” “You need to work for your keep around here.” “The children are in my keep for the weekend.”

What is the different between retain and maintain?

As verbs the difference between retain and maintain. is that retain is (transitive) to keep in possession or use while maintain is (obsolete|transitive) to support (someone), to back up or assist (someone) in an action.

What does preserve mean?

To keep from injury,peril,or harm; protect. See Synonyms at defend.

  • To keep in perfect or unaltered condition; maintain unchanged: fossils preserved in sediments; a film preserved in the archives.
  • To keep or maintain intact: tried to preserve family harmony.
  • To prepare (food) for storage or future use,as by canning or salting.
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    Is maintain a verb?

    maintain (third-person singular simple present maintains, present participle maintaining, simple past and past participle maintained) (obsolete, transitive) To support (someone), to back up or assist (someone) in an action. To keep up; to preserve; to uphold (a state, condition etc.). To declare or affirm (a clause) to be true; to assert.

    What does maintaining mean?

    Maintain verb to hold or keep in any particular state or condition; to support; to sustain; to uphold; to keep up; not to suffer to fail or decline; as,to

  • Maintain verb to keep possession of; to hold and defend; not to surrender or relinquish
  • Maintain verb to continue; not to suffer to cease or fail