What is the difference between divergent and convergent?

What is the difference between divergent and convergent?

Divergence generally means two things are moving apart while convergence implies that two forces are moving together. Divergence indicates that two trends move further away from each other while convergence indicates how they move closer together.

What is an example of convergent thinking?

Examples of convergent thinking Multiple-choice tests, quizzes, standardized tests and spelling tests require students to use convergent thinking. Students must memorize facts and use logical problem-solving steps to arrive at the correct answer.

What is divergent and convergent?

What are the differences between convergent and divergent evolution and what are examples of each that support evolution by natural selection?

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Divergent evolution occurs when two separate species evolve differently from a common ancestor. Convergent evolution occurs when species have different ancestral origins but have developed similar features. A good example of convergent evolution is the similarities between the hummingbird and the hummingbird moth.

What is the difference between convergent and divergent in math?

A convergent sequence has a limit — that is, it approaches a real number. A divergent sequence doesn’t have a limit. Therefore, the sequence is divergent. A second type of divergence occurs when a sequence oscillates between two or more values.

What is meant by convergent thinking?

Convergent thinking and logical deduction Convergent thinking occurs when the solution to a problem can be deduced by applying established rules and logical reasoning. This type of reasoning involves solving a problem within the context of known information and narrowing down the solution based on logical inference.

What is the difference between divergent and convergent thinking?

Differences Between Divergent thinking and Convergent Thinking. Convergent thinking sees fixed sides; something is either black or white. However, divergent thinking views concepts less rigidly; it considers the gray areas and less certain perspectives of the solutions.

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What are some examples of divergent thinking?

Brainstorming, free writing, keeping a journal and mind-mapping are examples of divergent thinking. The goal of divergent thinking is to focus on a subject, in a free-wheeling way, to think of solutions that may not be obvious or predetermined. All ideas are valid for idea stimulation in divergent thinking.

What is the meaning of divergent thinking?

divergent thinking. noun. divergent think·​ing | \\-ˈthiŋk-iŋ \\. : creative thinking that may follow many lines of thought and tends to generate new and original solutions to problems — compare convergent thinking.

What are some examples of convergent thinking?

Linear thinking, or convergent thinking, is about learning facts, follow instructions, and solving problems with one right answer. Certainly it has it’s place. Math is an example of convergent thinking. Standardized tests are convergent; so is an IQ test .