What is special about Sakura Haruno?

What is special about Sakura Haruno?

In order to secure her survival to heal others, Sakura also develops superhuman strength by building up chakra in her fists; by storing a vast amount of Chakra in her body over 3 years, she awakens the Byakugō Seal, a jutsu considered to be the pinnacle of chakra control.

What gender is Sakura Haruno?

Full name

Gender Sex
Female Cisgender

Why does Hinata have big?

There was nothing about her body or her clothes that made her stand out amongst the other female characters. To make her as popular as Sakura, Kishimoto intentionally drew Hinata to have a larger breast size.

Why is Sakura in katakana?

Sakura (桜 (kanji), 櫻 (old kanji), さくら (hiragana), サクラ (katakana)) is the Japanese term for ornamental cherry blossom trees and their blossoms. Sakura may also refer to: Sakura, raw horse meat, usually prepared as sashimi called basashi.

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What happened to sakuras inner self?

after all she went through during the chunin exams and after she fought Ino during the chunin exams, she became more confortable and confident in herself, thereby rendering inner Sakura unnecessary.

What did Sakura wear when she got out of the room?

Kakashi stated. Finally when Sakura got out of the room she was wearing a jean short mini skirt, a red tube top with the Haruno simble on it, the headband on her head like a headband, and light brown high-heal sandals. Her hair was put down and was long and straight. “I hope that ugly dude and that cute perverted guy is gone.”

What color were Sakura’s cheeks when Kakashi rubbed her butt?

Sakura had a shade of light red on her cheeks. Kakashi perverting rubbed her butt. “Eeeeek,” Sakura screamed. Unknowing Sakura hugged him around the neck.

How many kunai did Sasuke throw at Sakura?

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Sakura got in a fighting position so did Sasuke. Sasuke made the first move. Sasuke threw five kunai in different directions then did the fireball technique. Sakura dodged three kunai but two of them hit her leg then arm. “Ouch….” Sakura whispered to herself.

How did Sakura get two shurikens?

Sakura whispered to herself. The fireballs were come toward her but she jumped into a tree before it hit her. Sakura wiped a few sweat drops. The fire was hot! Sakura got two shuriken then threw one with string on it then the other at another spot.