What is passing date of graduation?

What is passing date of graduation?

? Sometimes, the date that is printed on the actual degree certificate issued by the college/University is also considered as the passing date of graduation.

Can final year students apply for SBI PO 2021?

Yes, candidates in the final year of graduation can apply for SBI PO exam, provided they produce proof of having cleared their graduation when called for SBI PO Interview round.

Is there any interview for SBI clerk 2021?

SBI Clerk is the Most important stage of SBI Clerk Recruitment 2021. The candidates will be selected for the SBI Clerk Post on the basis of marks scored in Mains Examination as there is no further interview procedure.

Is it possible to get wrong passing date in IBPS Po?

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P.s it happened with me at the time of ibps po interview last year as I have mentioned wrong passing date of graduation,but my mistake went unnoticed . IMO, you should apply again with fresh application. You would get the admit card for prelims for the latest application. You have time for last date, take a wise decision. Hope this helps.

What are the issues with the IBPS clerk application form?

There are lots of issues like this, change in address in recent time, wrong DOB, incorrect marks of graduation filled during filling application and many more, so there is a solution and legal process for this. What happens if a candidate enters a wrong percentage in the application form of IBPS clerk 2018?

What happens if you make a mistake in a job application?

Only those things which are intentionally entered wrong like Caste, Date of Birth, Qualifying degree, Income, Employment Status, etc., in order to cheat or bluff the recruiter will be viewed seriously and may attract punishments/debar etc.,. but the mistakes done unintentionally while typing can be okay!

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Can a major be dropped from a graduation application?

Yes, if the major has been approved for multiple emphases. Once a graduation application is on file for a student an emphasis can be dropped or added with a formal request from their umail account to [email protected] BEFORE the last day of classes. Back to Top