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What is harder IIT or Harvard?

What is harder IIT or Harvard?

In 2014, 13.6 lakhs students sat for the IIT-JEE exams and only 9784 seats were available in all the IITs put together. The acceptance rate of 5.8\% at Harvard is amongst the lowest in the US which ironically makes it 8 times easier to get into than the IITs. …

Which is more difficult IIT or MIT?

“Exams of MIT are much easier than JEE Advanced. It’s the toughest exam because there is a time constraint in it, MIT or any other US institutions doesn’t have an entrance exam. First-year exams of some common classes of Physics and Maths in MIT are much easier than JEE Advanced,” Falor told ANI.

Which is the toughest IIT?

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The top 5 IITs (Kanpur, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kharagpur, in no particular order) are extremely difficult to get into (1 in 200 students) which clearly makes the IIT entrance examination the most difficult entrance examination in the world.

What is the acceptance rate of IITs compared to MIT?

According to the reports are to be believed, the rate of acceptance of IITs is only 1\% as compared to MIT which stands at 8\%. These facts & figures are based on registration forms of applicants received for admissions at IITs, MIT and Harvard every year.

What do foreign universities look for in IITs?

In comparison between IIT vs MIT vs Stanford vs Harvard, IIT or MIT says the passion for studying science, an aptitude for research and the ability to do team work, are the best qualities that foreign universities look for while recruiting students. Contrary to these, IITs solely focus on the ranking secured in the entrance tests by the students.

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Are Stanford and Harvard trying to beat each other?

And while Stanford takes pride in breaking free from the Ivies’ stuffy old world traditions, under all that confidence, the Farm still admires Harvard’s liberal arts legacy and unparalleled hold over American policy, finance, and foreign affairs. As a consequence, it seems that these two world-renowned institutions are striving to beat one another.

Is Stanford better than Harvard for Business School?

Stanford has an advantage when it comes to ranking. Both schools have few points of difference on various ranking lists. For example, QS World University ranks Stanford #1 and Harvard #5 for the best business schools in 2020. If you see historically, Stanford has increased its ranking each year for every ranking list mentioned in the table below.