What is elimination technique in UPSC?

What is elimination technique in UPSC?

Pure option-based elimination, when options are designed so that even a single easy/incorrect statement leads you to the right answer. Statement based elimination, when you encounter extreme (such as ‘only’, ‘completely’, ‘always’ etc) or partially correct statements.

How can I delete prelims UPSC in first attempt?

8 tips to crack UPSC prelims in first attempt

  1. Cover the whole syllabus:
  2. Attempt mock test:
  3. Proper revision:
  4. Make proper notes:
  5. Avoid exploring new portion or topic before one month:
  6. CSAT should be taken very seriously:
  7. Practice previous year question papers:
  8. Current affairs are the most amorphous part of prelims:

How can we reduce negatives in UPSC Prelims?

So, the student need to follow the following points to avoid negative marking in UPSC prelims examination:

  1. Hold your nerves:
  2. Don’t leave anything for the last minute:
  3. Do not rush in reading the paper:
  4. Approach:
  5. Matching and Pair Questions:
  6. Type 1 Question.
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How is Prelims cut off calculated?

The merit list is prepared according to the number of vacancies in every category for a particular year. For example, if there are 900 vacancies for the OBC category in a year, the mark of the last candidate in the OBC list (of 900) would be the cut-off for that category.

What is the minimum marks required to clear UPSC prelims in first attempt?

The cut-off for UPSC Prelims is usually around 110-120 marks for General Category in GS 1. With proper preparation and practice tests, it is quite possible to clear the Prelims in the very first attempt itself. Integrate Current Affairs preparation and revision into your daily plan.

How to prepare for the UPSC CSE prelims exam?

For a good Prelims preparation strategy, you need to think in the long-term as the UPSC CSE exam is a year-long process. There is syllabus overlap in the General Studies part for Prelims and UPSC Mains. However, the type of notes and revision process for Prelims and IAS Mains have to necessarily differ.

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How to solve multiple choice questions (MCQs) in UPSC Civil Services prelims?

Intelligent Elimination Techniques (IET) are highly useful tricks to solve Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in most of the objective type-exams (like UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam). If I were asked to select only two reasons for my consistent success in UPSC Prelims, I would list it down as below: ClearIAS Prelims Online Mock Test Series.

How to improve your marks in the UPSC?

We recommend aspirants to try these techniques in exam hall only after checking its effectiveness against previous year UPSC question papers as well as ClearIAS Prelims Mock Test Series. Invest just 2 hours per day. See the big jumb in your marks!