What is Bergen like in winter?

What is Bergen like in winter?

Bergen in winter is cold and snowy. It feels like a proper winter, a winter where you can warm up with a hot cocoa after sledding. Bergen is the perfect weekend getaway for anywhere that’s just cold and gray with no snow.

How much snow does Bergen Norway Get?

Snow falls in Bergen every odd day or so, but hardly accumulates more than 10 centimeters. Compared to the rest of the country, the snowfall is nothing to get excited about.

Does Bergen get snow?

In winter, although the city is usually too mild for snow, you can drive inland and go skiing at Voss or Myrkdalen only 1,5 hours from Bergen. It normally does snow in Bergen some periods during the winter, but it is very unpredictable and might only stay for a short while.

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Does Norway have harsh winters?

Winter nights are long throughout Norway. Around Oslo, snowfall is common and the average winter temperatures are just below zero. The lower inland areas of Finnmark, Troms, Trøndelag, and Eastern Norway might have very cold winters with lots of snow.

Can you see the northern lights in Bergen?

It is geographically possible to see the northern lights in popular destinations like Oslo and Bergen. Under the right sky conditions in the winter, the aurora is visible from these latitudes.

Is Bergen the wettest place on earth?

With 195 rainy days per year and 2.250 mm of the annual rainfall, Bergen in western Norway is considered to be the wettest place in Europe!

Is Bergen safe at night?

Norway is a Safe Country to Visit Norway is known to be one of the safest countries in the world. Crime rates are extremely low even in major cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger. Even walking alone during the night is relatively safe and the chances are small that you’ll become the victim of a crime.

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Is Oslo or Bergen better?

Although Oslo may top Bergen with its highly innovative buildings and history, Bergen is no doubt far more scenic than Oslo. Seven mountains surround Bergen (yes, seven), and the most easily visited is Fløyen, which is reachable by funicular.

What to do in Bergen in the winter?

Things To Do in Bergen During Winter Season Enjoy the winter in Bergen! On a snowy winter day, the mountains surrounding Bergen are perfect for skiing, sledging and hiking. There is also a lot to experience in the city in the winter time.

What is the weather like in Bergen Norway?

Despite its northern latitude, the weather in Bergen is considered mild, at least by Scandinavian standards. The weather in Norway as a whole is still colder than most other European countries, though. Aptly nicknamed “The City of Rain” you will not find a city with more plentiful rainfall in Norway.

What is it like to live in Norway in the winter?

The nights are drawing in (fast), the temperatures are plummeting, and the Marius sweaters are everywhere. Yep, it’s that time of the year again. The winter in Norway is always a mixed bag for me. I absolutely love the late winter months where the light in the sky and the snow on the ground makes even the ugliest parts of town beautiful!

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How many seasons are there in Norway?

I’ve written before about how I perceive there to be five seasons in Norway, with winter very much split into ‘the wet one’ and ‘the white one’. This of course isn’t a scientific definition! But there is a fast descent from the short autumn season into the dark, wet and windy days of the early winter, which tends to run through until Christmas.