What is a good score in quant in cat?

What is a good score in quant in cat?

Overall, an attempt of 10 to 12 questions with high accuracy (85-90\%) will be a good performance.

What is the level of quants in cat?

CAT 2021 Analysis: Section Wise

CAT 2021 exam components Expected Total questions Expected Difficulty Level
Section-2: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) 20 (MCQs:14; Non-MCQs: 6) Moderate
Section-3: Quantitative Ability (QA) 22 to 24 (MCQs:14; Non-MCQs:8) Moderate to High
Overall 64 to 68 Moderate

Is class 10 maths enough for cat?

11th and 12th Maths are not required for getting chance through CAT in IIM. In quantitative aptitude section you will get questions from arithmatic, algebra and geometry.

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Which cat slot is easier?

Overall, the exam had had 66 questions. Read the complete analysis here. “Overall, the slot 2 exam was easier as compared to CAT 2020 paper. IIMs have done justice to the time management and attempts by reducing the number of questions to 66.

Can I skip Quant in CAT?

No you cannot clear cat without attempting quant.

Is Arun Sharma’s Quant book Good for cat preparation?

Yes, Arun Sharma’s quant book is very good , specially for building basic concepts. But no need to do LOD-3 questions as they are of more difficult level than actual CAT.

Is quantitative aptitude enough for the CAT exam?

It’s more than enough if put to use in the most optimal way. Quantitative aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma sir will provide you with all the ammunition you need to ace the CAT exam. I would suggest watching the below attached video to strategize your Quant CAT prep journey using the above mentioned book.

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Is Prozo good for the CAT exam?

Yes, it is good but you also can refer to some other preparation and coaching materials for CAT exam. Also, you can take mentorship programs at Prozo, as one of my friends found it very useful.