What is a drone phone?

What is a drone phone?

It depicts a mobile device with a cavity large enough to house its very own miniature drone. Therefore, consumers of the future might be able to buy their own cinematic set-up and Android in one.

What are Vivo phones known for?

Vivo Electronics Corp. is a phone brand based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. It was founded in 2009. The company is another Chinese smartphone maker to enter India recently. It makes low-cost Android phones, and those in the mid-range segment of the market.

Is Vivo phone good for photography?

It also has a 13-megapixel ultra-wide angle camera and a 13-megapixel portrait camera. The Vivo X60 Pro clicks very good photos and should be your first pick if you intend to shoot a lot of videos.

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Does a drone need a phone?

You can fly a drone without cellular service or wifi signal and do not need an internet connection. In fact, if you are flying your drone with a phone or tablet, you will likely want to place your phone in do not disturb mode in order to make sure you aren’t interrupted with notifications or phone calls while flying.

Is the LG drone phone real?

LG have released promotional footage for their phone drone concept, the 505 BY LGU+. The device, conceived by LG and called 505 BY LGU+., looks much like a regular smartphone, shiny and shiny. But on the rear of the phone is two very slim line propellers that will allow the phone to act as a drone.

Who owns Vivo company?

BBK Electronics
Vivo/Parent organizations

Headquartered in Dongguan, Vivo is a Chinese electronics brand founded by Shen Wei in 2009. Owned by BBK Electronics, Vivo designs and sells smartphones, software and phone accessories.

Who is Vivo owned by?

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Can a drone fly without WiFi?

A lot of the top drone companies like DJI and Yuneec do need WiFi to be able to pilot or record video. They do however need you to download an app before flying. When the app is downloaded on to your device and the drone is activated, an internet connection will no longer be required.

What is the price of a drone in India?

List Of Drones in India Updated on 14 December 2021

Latest Drones Seller Price
Pioneer Foldable Drone flipkart ₹ 7999
DJI Tello Nano Drone amazon ₹ 13939
Bestie Toys Syma X8Pro GPS Drone NA NA
SUPER TOY Wi-Fi Camera Drone amazon ₹ 4499

Is vivo working on a smartphone with built-in camera drone?

Vivo may be working on a new smartphone with a built-in camera drone, according to a patent filed by the company. The drone is speculated to feature two cameras and infrared sensors. As per Vivo’s patent filing, it seems that the drone would be stored inside the smartphone itself, and exit the device when required.

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Did vivo just file a patent for its flying camera?

The patent has been filed in December 2020 with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and is titled ‘Electronic device’ for Vivo Mobile Communication. A sketch shows how the detachable flying camera will work. It will integrate batteries, camera sensors, and infrared sensors inside. LetsGoDigital was the first to spot this patent by Vivo.

Is this a drone that pops out of a smartphone?

As spotted by LetsGoDigital, the patent shows the drone popping out of the top of the phone with four miniature rotors on board. It features infrared sensors for avoiding nearby obstacles, and not one but two cameras for taking snaps during flight.

Could a drone take off from your smartphone to take selfies?

We’re happy to applaud any kind of innovation when it comes to smartphones, and a newly filed patent from Vivo certainly fits: it details an integrated camera drone that can take off from your handset and capture the perfect selfie from the air.