What happens when harassment is reported?

What happens when harassment is reported?

A lawsuit could seek damages from your employer for harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation. Damages refer to compensation for related losses, such as job termination, lost wages and emotional distress.

What are the grounds for workplace harassment?

Harassment is defined unwelcomed behavior and policies that are based upon an employee’s race, color, creed religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, sex (including pregnancy and maternity), national origin, age (40 or older), physical or mental disability or genetic information.

What is Wipro policy?

Wipro’s policy is to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, to be committed to conducting business in an ethical manner and to act with integrity in dealing with our customers, suppliers, partners, competitors, employees and other stakeholders.

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Can husband wife work in Wipro?

We have close to 2,000 couples in Wipro right now. Wipro is extremely sensitive in granting transfers to employees who have their spouses (even if the spouse is not with Wipro) working in other locations.

How do I raise a complaint with Wipro?

The concern may be raised through e-mail [email protected], or through intranet “MyWipro →App Store →Information →Ombuds” or through internet at or Email to the persons designated as “Ombudsperson” in Annexure A.

What is conflict of interest in Wipro?

Conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest exists where the personal interests or benefits of one person or entity conflict with the interests or benefits of Wipro. Performance and responsibilities to Wipro shall not, at any time, be subordinated to personal gain or advantage.

How long is Wipro maternity leave?

Wipro Maternity and Paternity Leave Policies Wipro offers 7 weeks of paid maternity leave and 2 weeks of unpaid maternity leave.

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How do I file a complaint against Wipro?

Wipro Customer Care, Complaints and Reviews Wipro reviews and complaints. Contact customer care: +91 80 2844 0011 [Corp Office]. Submit your complaint or review on Wipro customer care. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising.

What reparations should be made for the Civil Rights Movement?

Additionally, reparations should come in the form of wealth-building opportunities that address racial disparities in education, housing, and business ownership. In 1860, over $3 billion was the value assigned to the physical bodies of enslaved Black Americans to be used as free labor and production.

How much did you lose after joining Wipro in 2010?

I joined wipro in November 15 2010 and got relived in Aug 13 2021. While getting my final settlement, around 2 lakh 25 thousand money has been deducted as part of Negative salary and Loss of Pay. I had not taken any LOP from last 2 years.

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Is a federal reparations package for black Americans in order?

We’ve seen other groups receive restitutions while the federal government pulled back reparations for Black Americans. Accordingly, if we want to close the racial wealth gap and live up to our moral creed to protect “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” a federal reparations package for Black Americans is in order.