What happens to Damian Wayne when he grows up?

What happens to Damian Wayne when he grows up?

He is raised by his mother Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins. He becomes a talented martial artist before his teenage years, at which time Talia reveals Damian’s existence to Bruce Wayne and leaves him in Batman’s custody in an effort to disrupt Batman’s work.

What will Damian Wayne become?

Damian Wayne is the child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul and thus the grandson of Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul. The character was created by Mike W. Morrison’s Batman #666 (2007) depicts a future wherein Damian has become Batman. In Batman Incorporated #8, Damian is killed by his clone, The Heretic.

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How old is current Damian Wayne?

As of Robin (Volume 3) #1, Damian is 14 years old.

Is Damian Wayne a bad guy?

Damian Wayne, also known as Robin and under the mantle of Nightwing, is the twisted alternative version of the heroic main-universe Damian Wayne. He is a major antagonist of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and comic series and Injustice 2.

What happened to Damian Wayne?

Damian Wayne, the fourth Robin and biological son of Batman, has died. The news came as a surprise, as the Death Of The Family crossover event just ended weeks ago. After The Joker was once again defeated by the Dark Knight, it seemed as if Gotham City might actually be safe for a time.

Who is Damian Wayne’s mother?

Damian Wayne is the biological son of Bruce Wayne. He was raised by his mother Talia Al Ghul as the eventual heir to the League of Shadows command. Although he was kept from Bruce’s knowledge for years, he eventually became Robin and not only spent time as a Teen Titan, but Batman as well.

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What happened to Terry Dent and Damian Wayne?

The last time Damian and Terry were in contact, it was shortly after Terry’s other notable absence at the hands of Spellbinder. Terry recently took the Batman Beyond suit back from Tim Drake, when he was lured into battle by Damian in the Rise of the Demon arc.

Why did Damian Wayne renounce his maternal heritage?

During a confrontation with his mother, Damian officially renounced his maternal heritage, claiming he wished to be a “worthy enemy” to the house of al Ghul, before returning to Gotham with Dick. In Gotham, all hell soon to broke loose as Doctor Hurt returned to Gotham, claiming to be Damian’s grandfather, Thomas Wayne.