What happens if you see Lord Krishna?

What happens if you see Lord Krishna?

Seeing Bal Krishna in a dream is a good sign. It means there is prosperity in the house. Seeing a statue of Lord Krishna also means he is pleased with your devotion. Seeing Lord Krishna playing the flute or just the flute of Krishna means you could soon meet your beloved partner very soon.

What happens when Lord Krishna gets angry?

Of course Krishna gets angry. However, effects of anger on Him are not the same as effects of anger on us, illusioned beings. In the previous verse Krishna says that anger comes from lust and the same principle applies there, too – Krishna is not affected by lust the same way we are.

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How can I lead life like Krishna?


  1. Everything comes and goes in life: Lord Krishna said:
  2. Always think with a calm mind: Lord Krishna tells a worried Arjuna:
  3. Abandon fruits of actions: Lord Krishna said:
  4. Do not worry about Sin:
  5. Treat friend and foe equally:
  6. Surrender everything to God:
  7. Whatever the situation, don’t give in to stress:

Can Krishna be understood by both his spirtual and material energies?

Here we can see how Krishna can be understood by both His spirtual and His material energies. Even if one does not have spiritual vision still Krishna can be preliminarily perceived by His different energies, and in this way He is realized impersonally.

What is the relationship between Krishna and the Sunshine?

As the sun god is a person in the sun planet and he can be perceived in an impersonal way by his all-pervading energy, the sunshine, similarly, Krishna, although in His eternal abode, is perceived by His all-pervading, diffusive energies. The taste of water is the active principle of water.

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Can we come to KRSNA consciousness and immediately join krsana?

So the conclusion is that whatever may be our past, let us come to Krsna consciousness and immediately join Krsna. Just like with a diseased man, it is a waste of time to try to find out how he has become diseased, better to spend time curing the disease. We never had any occasion when we were separated from Krsna.

What is Krishna Consciousness?

In Krishna consciousness we become aware that earth, water, fire, air and every active principle, all chemicals and all material elements are due to Krishna. The duration of man’s life is also due to Krishna. Therefore by the grace of Krishna, man can prolong his life or diminish it.