What does UPenn M look for?

What does UPenn M look for?

If you’re interested in applying, you should figure that out early in your high school career. You will need to hone in on an academic niche that is a cross-section between business and technology. You should definitely be taking relevant AP courses and getting A’s in all of them.

How many people get into Jerome Fisher?

The Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology has an Acceptance Rate as low as 2.5-3 percent. Along with completing the Common Application’s Penn Writing Supplement, one needs to complete two additional essays specific to this Program.

Is University of Pennsylvania good for engineering?

University of Pennsylvania 2022 Rankings University of Pennsylvania is ranked No. 18 in Best Engineering Schools. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Can you transfer into UPenn M?

TRANSFER ADMISSIONS. Fully matriculated Penn first years are eligible for transfer into the Program. Penn students may only apply to transfer into M at the conclusion of their first year. The Program requires that students complete a minimum of 46 credit units prior to graduation.

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What programs do UPenn offer?


  • Academic Foundations, Certificate Graduate On-Campus Certificate Perelman School of Medicine.
  • Accounting, BS Undergraduate On-Campus Bachelor’s The Wharton School Major.
  • Accounting, MBA Graduate On-Campus Professional Degree The Wharton School Master’s.
  • Accounting, PhD Graduate On-Campus PhD The Wharton School.

Can you double major across schools at UPenn?

Yes, it is possible to double major at Penn. For the School of Arts and Science SAS, Special Options for the Major lists honors in the major, individual majors, double majors, and engineering major. For School of Engineering and Applied Sciences SEAS, Academic Options Combining Majors lists the second major option.

Why is getting into college so hard?

It’s simple math: when admit rates go down, it means that more applicants are rejected, and a more competitive application pool is inevitably created. The drastic increase in selectivity impacts virtually every aspect of college admissions, from heightened pressure on test scores to diversity and inclusion factors.

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Why is UPenn engineering unique?

Two key elements distinguish the Penn Engineering experience from that provided by many other institutions: Exceptional academic programs, and practical design and research experience. The excitement and discovery of research is open to all students and is the keystone of our world-renowned Ph. D. programs.

What is Penn State known for?

Discover Penn State Penn State is a top-ranked research university and Pennsylvania’s sole land-grant institution, founded with a mission of high-quality teaching, expert research, and global service. Discover a community—more than 740,000 strong—driven to make a difference.

Why choose M Jerome Fisher?

The Jerome Fisher Program combines the best of both worlds: a large university with seemingly limitless opportunities and resources, and a small, tight-knit community. “M taught me to aim for perfection in any goal that I pursue.” I like teaching. Teaching has been my most formative experience at Penn.

Why choose Jerome Fisher University?

The Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology aims to educate the future leaders, capable of tackling big global problems by designing and building technology-driven Products and Organizations. To offer the finest integrated engineering/business educational opportunities and broadest career options for truly exceptional students.

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What are the requirements to transfer into the Jerome Fisher Program?

The Program requires that students complete a minimum of 46 credit units prior to graduation. Students who seek to transfer into the dual degree Jerome Fisher Program must develop a plan of study that will satisfy the degree requirements of both the Wharton School of Business and Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.

What is the M program at Penn?

The Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology, affectionately called the M Program, is the oldest coordinated dual degree program at the University of Pennsylvania. The Program combines academics from two phenomenal Penn assets, Penn Engineering and the Wharton School, into one unique educational experience.