What does loving the idea of someone mean?

What does loving the idea of someone mean?

If you think you love them from a distance, but have not met, dated or lived with them, you like “the idea of them” rather than “the reality of them”. If you actually live with someone as your partner, and love it, you love “them”, and the “reality of them.”

How do you not love someone’s idea?

How To Stop Being In Love With The Idea Of Love

  1. Work on your self-esteem and self-worth.
  2. Don’t confuse romance or passion for love.
  3. Set realistic expectations of a relationship.
  4. But be honest about a relationship.
  5. Think about what you can bring to the relationship.
  6. Take things slowly.

Why do I like the idea of someone?

“I think people end up falling in love with the idea of someone because they are not being real and honest with themselves about what they want in a relationship,” Bruett says. But if you realize you’re only in love with the idea of them as well, it may be time to figure out if that’s what you really want.

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Do I like the attention or him?

If you feel like you’re seeing someone because you’re comfortable and not ready or willing to try to start over and explore other options, this is indicative that you’re in it for the attention. Instead of wondering who you’ll hang out with, you know you have him right there waiting.

Whats the difference between liking someone and liking the idea of them?

The only “difference” worth mentioning about liking someone versus the idea of being with someone is time in-between. In simple terms, you either grow to like them, hence liking the idea of being with them as well, or you like the idea of being with them, so you grow to like them.

Is love at first sight a myth?

Around 1960, more evidence was presented showing that “love at first sight” was a myth; an instant attraction and infatuation could very well take place the first time two people met, sociologist Judson T. Indeed, many people over the years have sworn they had fallen in love with someone within an hour of meeting.

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Is love voluntary or involuntary?

Love is involuntary. Brain science tells us it’s a drive like thirst. It’s a craving for a specific person. The ancient Greeks called love “the madness of the gods.” Modern psychologists define it as it the strong desire for emotional union with another person.

What does the reality is always different from the idea?

The reality is ALWAYS different from the idea, so you better make sure you love the reality. “The reality is ALWAYS different from the idea, so you better make sure you love the reality.”

What happens when you only like the idea of someone?

Here’s what happens when you only like the “idea” of someone: 1. You desperately wanted to share the person’s interests. She loves working out, so you suddenly found yourself at the gym, just working on your fitness. This is great — don’t get me wrong — but we both know you were there for all the wrong reasons.

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How do you separate idea from reality?

Here’s the other thing about separating idea from reality: You have to be able to react to what is in front of your eyes, not a vision that’s still stuck in your head. My challenge to you this week is to take one big idea you have and break it down into smaller, practical pieces so you can start to see the reality of it.

How does reality affect our perception of the world?

The thoughts we think, the way we perceive the world, the way things and other people can make us feel, the way we can make ourselves feel, it’s all intertwined in the reality that exists in our heads. Our wants and needs will often blend in with our realities, changing the way we perceive something or someone to be.