What does let me consider it mean?

What does let me consider it mean?

: to think about (something or someone) carefully especially in order to make a choice or decision. : to think about (something that is important in understanding something or in making a decision or judgment)

What is the meaning of being considered?

thought about or decided upon with care: a considered opinion. regarded with respect or esteem: a highly considered person.

How do you use the word consider?

Consider sentence example

  1. It was too far to consider driving every day, even if she had a car.
  2. If computers are so popular, perhaps we should consider buying one for the use of our guests.
  3. I don’t know what you will think of it, but I consider it my duty to let you know of it.
  4. Consider it a fact.
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What does it mean to take into consideration?

: to think about (something) before one makes a decision or forms an opinion We will take your experience into consideration when we decide who will get the job.

What does Considering everything mean?

adv. 2 Informal all in all; taking into account the circumstances. it’s not bad considering.

Would you consider meaning?

You ask “Would you consider ___ing?” when you want to carefully and politely propose an idea to someone. You usually use this phrase when asking about big and important decisions.

What type of word is consider?

consider is a verb, considerate and considerable are adjectives, consideration is a noun:I consider him a friend. He is a considerate gentleman.

Did not consider meaning?

▲ Present participle for to exclude or reject as a candidate or possibility. ruling out. excluding.

Why We Use consider?

These words all mean to think about, study, or describe someone or something carefully, especially in order to understand them, form an opinion of them, or make a decision about them. consider to think carefully about something, especially in order to make a decision:She carefully considered her options.

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What is an example of consider?

The definition of consider is to decide, keep in mind, or believe as true. An example of consider is thinking about two possible options. An example of consider is believing a person committed a crime after seeing evidence.

What is the synonym of consider?

Some common synonyms of consider are contemplate, study, and weigh. While all these words mean “to think about in order to arrive at a judgment or decision,” consider may suggest giving thought to in order to reach a suitable conclusion, opinion, or decision. refused even to consider my proposal.

How do you say I will take it into consideration?

take something into consideration

  1. bear in mind.
  2. think about.
  3. take into account.
  4. make allowance for.
  5. keep in view.

What does “let me consider” mean in English?

A: “Let me [verb]” means (among other things) “Allow me to [verb]” or perhaps also “Give me some time to [verb]”. “Consider” means (among other things) “think about”. So “Let me consider please” could be translated as “Please give me some time to think about this”.

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What does let me see what it means?

For example, if a friend’s asking me if I’m free tonight, and I respond “let me see”, my next action is to check my calendar to see whether I’m free before giving a definite answer. It generally means the person wants some time to think about it, or get some inputs re the subject being discussed.

What does “Please Be advised” mean in English?

We most often find “Please be advised” in written English, so you will likely see it in an email or an official document. It is a phrase considered a part of standard business English similar to other phrases like “To whom it may concern” or “I would appreciate your immediate attention.”

Is “please” a request or a demand?

Because many use the phrase in matters relating to authority, it is often not considered a request as much as a demand. As such, people often feel that, while the term contains the word “please,” its real function is to appease the listener or reader. Please be advised that this is a restricted area.