What does it mean to have an ascendant in Scorpio?

What does it mean to have an ascendant in Scorpio?

A Scorpio ascendant brings you a fine intuition, meaning you have an instinctive feel for others and their souls. You have the gift for sensing people and situations, which prevents you from putting a foot wrong. In a more global way, Scorpio guides you on the path of renunciation, deep transformations and questioning.

What does it mean if my sun and moon are Scorpio?

Scorpio Sun/Scorpio Moon People born with both their moon and sun in Scorpio will seem mysterious, captivating, and powerful. They are passionate and creative, but will be secretive about their emotions and ambitions. Loyal, proud, and strong, they are unafraid to fight for everything they believe in.

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What is the Moon in Scorpio and Sun in cancer like?

When you add the intense and determined influence of the Moon in Scorpio to the sensitive Sun in Cancer, you get people who are strong and have an incredible force. These natives react quickly and have instincts that can never go wrong. Because they show some of their emotions pretty openly, they may be seen as dramatic.

What is the personality of a Scorpio Moon?

The Cancer sun Scorpio moon person has a mysterious nature that attracts others to them. They are very emotional and are blessed with incredible intuition. They are kindhearted people who tend to be highly sensitive and sympathetic. Scorpio Moon sign people possess exceptional inner strength, which helps them achieve high standards in life.

What does it mean to have a cancer ascendant as a Scorpio?

The Cancer ascendant gives Scorpio the cutting edge and upper hand they need to be able to read between the lines. Cancer can indeed be cunning and ensures that Scorpio is fast and efficient, which is good news because Scorpio struggles with organization. Explore your future with our horoscopes!

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What kind of personality does a Cancer Rising have?

Scorpio sun Cancer rising is a highly emotionally sensitive mixture of personalities. You have what it takes to correctly assess situations as well as understand both sides of an argument. Your relationships are almost always very passionate and fiery.