What does it mean computer system not found?

What does it mean computer system not found?

When a PC is booting, the BIOS tries to find a operating system on a hard drive to boot from. However, if it is unable to find one, then an “Operating system not found” error is displayed. It may be caused by an error in BIOS configuration, a faulty hard drive, or a damaged Master Boot Record .

How to fix no bootable device?

▌ Method 1. Remove and connect back all hardware components. At first,you can completely power off your computer,remove all hardware devices,then put them back all properly.

  • ▌ Method 2. Check boot order. An incorrect boot order could mislead your computer to boot from an unbootable hard drive,then the “no bootable device found” will occur.
  • ▌ Method 3. Reset primary partition as active. The partition where the operating system is installed is called as primary partition.
  • ▌ Method 4. Check internal hard disk status. If the internal hard disk has some disk errors,the “no bootable device found” error might pop out during Windows startup.
  • ▌ Method 5. Fix boot information (BCD and MBR) When the boot information including BCD or MBR is corrupted by virus attack,power outage or bad sectors,you may get
  • ▌ Method 6. Recover deleted boot partition. If you deleted your system partition by mistake and BIOS cannot find the boot drive,either,Windows will also fail to find the
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    What does no bootable device mean on laptop?

    When you turn on a PC and the screen displays “no boot device available,” it means the computer cannot find a hard drive with an installed operating system or a boot disc such as a Windows install disc. Without an operating system, the computer cannot start.

    Can’t boot up computer?

    Understand that many hardware issues aren’t immediately fixable. If your computer completely fails to start,you’ll generally have better luck taking your computer to a repair service than you

  • Back up your computer’s hard drive. Before performing any significant repairs,you might want to back up your files.
  • Check the power cable.