What dinosaur can kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

What dinosaur can kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Other rexes could kill it and also massive sauropods like Alamosaurus were probably safe from T-rex. Triceratops and Ankylosaurus were both likely dangerous prey for a T-rex.

Who would win T. rex or triceratops?

The plant-eating dinosaurs of the late Cretaceous period weren’t the smartest bunch. As a general rule, carnivores tend to have more advanced brains than herbivores, meaning Triceratops would have been far outclassed by T. Rex in the IQ department.

Who would win in a fight T-rex or Deinosuchus?

To start things off, Allosaurus and Therizinosaurus are both out, due to inferior size and power. Tarbosaurus could try to attack T-Rex, but due to it’s smaller size and build, it can’t easily win. Deinosuchus and Mapusaurus then fight each other, with Mapusaurus dying. T-Rex then assaults the Deinosuchus, despite failure.

Could a Tarbosaurus beat a Spinosaurus?

Tarbosaurus wasn’t as large or as muscular as Tyrannosaurus, so overpowering the much larger Spinosaurus isn’t an option. It has the advantage of being very agile for it’s size, Tarbosaurus could dodge Spinosaurus’ attacks and take multiple bites until it dies. How easy that would be would depend on how aquatic Spinosaurus was.

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Could Spinosaurus’ sail have helped him defeat Sarcosuchus?

As impressive as Spinosaurus’ sail was, it might have been a positive hindrance during a battle with Sarcosuchus, which could chomp down on this flat, sensitive, fragile flap of skin and bring its opponent crashing to the ground (kind of like a professional wrestler yanking his adversary’s long, golden locks).

What did Sarcosuchus do all day?

As big as it was, like other crocodiles Sarcosuchus kept a very low profile: this Cretaceous predator spent most of its day half-submerged in shallow rivers, lunging out of the water when thirsty dinosaurs, birds and mammals ambled nearby for a drink.