What did Palpatine think of Tarkin?

What did Palpatine think of Tarkin?

Even when the Galactic Republic still existed, Palpatine was already grooming the leaders of what would one day become his precious Galactic Empire. Palpatine recognized that Wilhuff Tarkin was a brilliant strategist and he was not afraid to be ruthless.

What did Palpatine think of the destruction of Alderaan?

Emperor Palpatine briefly appeared at the Imperial Palace to publicly comment on the destruction of Alderaan, claiming to be distressed by the world’s passing and inviting any surviving off-world Alderaanians to his own private resort world.

Was Bail Organa killed in Alderaan?

Organa was killed when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. About two decades after the end of the Clone Wars, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin ordered the destruction of Alderaan by use of the Death Star, an immense space station fitted with a powerful superlaser.

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Does Grand Moff Tarkin know Vader is Anakin?

Throughout the novel Tarkin, Tarkin has heavy suspicion that Vader is the Jedi he once knew as Anakin Skywalker. He all but confirms it in his own mind after a meeting with Palpatine in the novel, but it is never officially confirmed to him.

Why did Grand Moff Tarkin want to destroy Alderaan?

Confident he could destroy the Rebel Alliance opposing the Empire, Tarkin began his campaign of fear by destroying Alderaan, a hotbed of Rebel sentiment. Tarkin then allowed prominent Rebel Princess Leia Organa, captive aboard the Death Star, to escape and lead the Death Star to the secret Rebel base on Yavin 4.

Why did Palpatine make Grand Moff Tarkin a moff?

After Palpatine became Emperor, he made Tarkin a Moff in his new Empire. Tarkin was admired as one of the leaders of a ruthless order of technocrats who stood in stark contrast to the tradition-minded holdovers from the New Republic.

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How did Palpatine get the Death Star to Alderaan?

In the absence of the Imperial Senate, Emperor Palpatine had established an environment where his subordinates were capable of unregulated military actions, including genocide, this initiated the Death star to arrive in the Alderaan system.

Who is Wilhuff Tarkin?

Wilhuff Tarkin was a Human male who was one of the most powerful individuals in the Galactic Empire, a Grand Moff who shaped Imperial doctrine and was the driving force behind the creation of its key embodiment, the Death Star.