What are jobs after MBA in operations?

What are jobs after MBA in operations?

Some of the job positions are Operations Manager, Production Analyst, Production Manager, Industrial Engineer, Time Study Analyst, Inventory Manager, Purchasing Manager, Schedule Coordinator, Distribution Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Quality Analyst, Quality Manager and Plant Manager to name a few.

What is the salary of MBA in Operations Management?

An MBA in Operations Management can prepare students to handle different aspects of a business, such as planning, manufacturing, production, or providing services, with an attractive salary package. The average salary range for the best business schools in operations management 2021 is between $60,000 – $135,000.

Is Operations Management a good course for MBA in India?

Consequently, Operations Management is creating high paying career opportunities and thereby it a necessary part of almost all major MBA colleges in India. What is the Scope of MBA in Operations Management?

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What are the core subjects in MBA operation management?

Few of the core subjects included in the MBA operation management subject list include: Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Managing Innovation and Technology. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. Operations Strategies. Services Operations Management. Business Process Reengineering. Lean

How much does it cost to do MBA Operations Management from IIMs?

Fees to pursue MBA in Operations Management range between 3 – 27 lakhs depending upon the college. IIM Udaipur and IIM Raipur are affordable options for pursuing MBA operations management from IIMs.

What are the top MBA operations management jobs after graduation?

Operations Executive, Area Operations Manager, Operational Research Analyst are the top MBA Operations Management Jobs after graduating from MBA operations management for which you can get an average salary of INR 7.12 lakhs per annum. 1.1 Why Study? 1.2 Who Should Study?