What angle should your eyeliner be?

What angle should your eyeliner be?

This will act as the guide for the liquid liner. Find the most flattering angle for your eye shape by drawing an imaginary line from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Stick the tape down on this angle. If in doubt simply place the tape on at a gentle 45-degree angle towards the temple.

When you use eyeliner around the outer corner of the eye it makes it look?

I love to emphasise the outer corners of the eyes to make them look more elongated and even more beautiful! Use a liner on the outer thirds of both the upper and lower lash lines. This can be a solid line or smudged, but the trick here is to give the illusion of more width to the eye.

Where should eyeliner end?

Line the eye just above the lash line on the top lid and just below on the bottom lashes. The key is connecting the liner at the outer corner. A pencil or liquid eyeliner works well as it won’t shift from the outer corner where it can get damp from your eyes natural moisture.

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What is reverse eyeliner?

Instead of lining your eyes the traditional way, along the top, the reverse eyeliner trend involves applying liner to only your bottom lash line. This creates a dramatic, eye-popping look. By following your lower lashes with the liner, creating a smooth line is a lot easier than free-handing a wing or graphic design.

What does winged eyeliner do to your eyes?

A double-winged eyeliner will create an illusion of bigger eyes. Extend the line to make a tiny flick outward. Do the same on your lower lash line.

How do you do the wing eyeliner angle?

To use this technique, begin your eyeliner at the center of your upper lash line, extending it out and up toward your eyebrow as you go. Then, angle another line from the point of your wing down and across your lashline, until it connects to create your winged tip.

Should I wear eyeliner on top or bottom?

“Keep the liner to the top lid for a more lifted, youthful effect.” If you really, really want to go after your bottom lash line, Stiles recommends using a lighter color there than you’re using on the top. “This will still give you definition, but feels softer and more flattering,” she adds.

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Does eyeliner go above or below eyelashes?

Tight lining is when you use an eyeliner pencil or crayon (never liquid eyeliner) to fill in the waterline right beneath your lashes on top, and above your lashes on bottom.

What are curved wings in eyeliner?

Curved wings add a fun femininity to your winged eyeliner. To create a curved wing, don’t keep your liner sharp and angled. Instead, when you reach the outer corner of your eye, flick your liner upward in a semi-circle shape. Connect the line back to where it started and fill it in to achieve the perfect curved wing.

Is there a tutorial for winged eyeliner for my eyes?

Unfortunately, it seems like there is a general lack of tutorials online for folks with eyes this shape, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lovely winged look, too. It’s actually really simple: First create the outer wing tip where the hood of your lid starts, then apply a liner toward the inner corner of your eye with thin strokes.

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Which eyeliner line is best for your eye shape?

A thinner line often accentuates smaller eyes best, but there’s never anything wrong with going bold for the winged liner look (via Total Beauty ). Above all, remember that makeup is about expression and you shouldn’t feel limited by your eye shape. It’s all about what look you like for you.

What is floating eyeliner and should you try it?

Floating eyeliner is a great option for you. Instead of using loads of eyeliner to create a look, you can simply draw a line where your eye creases when it’s open. If you are feeling really thrifty with your liner, you can save by just lining where the cat-eye lines up when your eye is open (via Allure ). Are you sporting smaller eyes?