Was Deathstroke ever a good guy?

Was Deathstroke ever a good guy?

8 HEROIC: RECRUITED A TEAM OF YOUNG HEROES This may actually be the most that Deathstroke has done towards becoming a good guy. During the recent “Lazarus Contract” storyline, Slade stole Kid Flash’s speed so that he can travel back in time and prevent his son from passing away.

Is Deathstroke a good dad?

3 Worst: Deathstroke Being the world’s deadliest assassin doesn’t leave much in the way of being a good father. His oldest son, Grant, was killed while trying to emulate his father, He killed his other boy, Joseph, who was Possessed by Trigon, and he forced his daughter, Rose, to ingest a potion that drove her insane.

Is Deathstroke the world’s worst dad?

Deathstroke is not about the world’s deadliest assassin so much as it is about the world’s worst dad. Dad just happens to have this specific and peculiar job. The book has been, however, a tough sell because it stars a villain. Even The Joker has had a tough history of headlining his own title.

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Is Deathstroke a likeable character?

Depending on the writer, Deathstroke can be a “violent gun-toting mercenary, unafraid to kill”, a likeable anti-hero, or just another hired gun meant to fill in the pages. His character is molded by a certain Code of Ethics, that may change at any given time depending on the situation of his life.

How does Deathstroke compare to other Bronze Age comics?

There was a density to Bronze Age books that is very much apparent in Deathstroke – a LOT happens in each issue, and plot events aren’t so much set up and knocked down as they are continually repositioned, referenced, and made important. But at the same time the dialogue is much more reserved than in older comics.

Is Deathstroke the best villain in the Arrowverse?

Manu Bennett’s version of Deathstroke on Arrow not only served as the series’s best villain, but also its best anti-hero. In Arrow, Slade Wilson’s relationship with Oliver Queen was far more complicated than it was in the comics.

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