Was Achilles in love with his cousin?

Was Achilles in love with his cousin?

Although in the earliest accounts Achilles and Patroclus feature mostly as devoted friends and brothers-in-arms, later ancient traditions added a homoerotic aspect to their bond, presenting the two heroes as lovers.

Was Achilles Patroclus cousin?

Patroclus was Achilles’s “Cousin,” Instead of his Lover While the relationship between Patroclus and Achilles is never explicitly described in The Iliad, other works by the likes of Plato and Aeschlyus portray the characters as lovers — and Homer certainly doesn’t do anything to discourage that interpretation.

Did Achilles sleep with Briseis?

When Achilles returned to the fighting to avenge Patroclus’ death and Agamemnon returned Briseis to him, Agamemnon swore to Achilles that he had never slept with Briseis. During his speech, Achilles says he wishes Briseis were dead, lamenting that she ever came between Agamemnon and himself.

Did Achilles and Briseis love each other?

In the legends, Briseis was the wife of King Mynes of Lyrnessus, an ally of Troy. Even though she was a war prize, Achilles and Briseis fell in love with each other, and Achilles may have gone to Troy intending to spend much time in his tent with her, as was portrayed in the movie.

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Is Briseis Achilles wife?

When Odysseus, Ajax, and Phoenix visit Achilles to negotiate her return in book 9, Achilles refers to Briseis as his wife or his bride. She remained with Achilles until his death, which plunged her into great grief. She soon took it upon herself to prepare Achilles for the afterlife.

Did Patroclus cheat Achilles?

There are some scenes which seem a bit odd and don’t really sit comfortably with the rest of the narrative – the river-god-fighting, and a very odd scene in which Patroclus has sex with Achilles’ wife, thereby cheating on his boyfriend by committing adultery with his boyfriend’s wife, which seems Not Okay to me – but …