Is Vivek alive?

Is Vivek alive?

Deceased (1961–2021)Vivek / Living or Deceased

How did Vivek actor died?

Cardiac arrestVivek / Cause of death
The 59-year-old actor was brought to the emergency room of the hospital in an unconscious condition around 11am on Friday by his wife and daughter after he complained of discomfort. Hospital vice-president Dr Raju Sivasamy said the sudden attack was due to an acute coronary syndrome with a cardiogenic shock.

Did Vijay attend Vivek funeral?

Vijay and Vivek were last seen together on-screen in the sports-drama ‘Bigil’. Actor Vijay, who couldn’t attend late comedian Vivek’s funeral earlier, had recently visited his residence to pay condolences to the family. Vivek, who has acted in more than 220 films was cremated with state honours in Chennai.

How old is Vivek?

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59 years (1961–2021)Vivek / Age at death

Which comedian died recently in India?

Popular Tamil actor and comedian Vivekh died this morning in the hospital, hours after he was admitted after a cardiac arrest. The 59-year-old was reportedly critical in a Chennai hospital after a cardiac arrest on Thursday morning.

Is Actor Vijay hair real?

He said that not only Vijay, many heroes who are working in Tamil film industry have gone through hair transplantation treatment and confirmed that the actor is not using “wig”. Actor Vijay looked dapper in “Master” with new hair do and make overs.

How many movies Vivek acted with Vijay?

13 movies
Vijay and Vivek have acted together in 13 movies, and the duo was last spotted in the sports drama ‘Bigil’ in which Vivek played as Vijay’s assistant.

Is Vivek died?

What is Vijay age?

47 years (June 22, 1974)Joseph Vijay / Age

What happened to actor Vijay’s sister?

He had a sister Vidhya, who died when she was two years old. His sister’s death affected Vijay greatly; according to his mother, Vijay, who was very talkative, naughty and hyperactive as a child, became silent after Vidhya’s death.