Is Toppo stronger than Frieza?

Is Toppo stronger than Frieza?

30 Stronger: God Of Destruction Toppo He put up a great fight against Vegeta in his Super Saiyan Blue form. However, that wouldn’t have been enough to fight Frieza in his golden form. That’s where this transformation comes in. As a God of Destruction, Toppo completely overwhelms Frieza.

Is Toppo stronger than Jiren?

No. Belmod, U11’s God of Destruction, has been training Toppo, meaning Belmod is still, at least a little, more powerful than Toppo. While Belmod has stated himself that Jiren is far stronger than he is. So by simply order of progression, Jiren is still far more powerful.

Is Golden Frieza stronger than kale?

Golden frieza wins most likely. Kelfa was able to do decently good against a SSB Goku, although, one that was tired. Ahhh, this fights pretty hard, because most of Kelfa’s feats were from a tired Goku.

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Who defeated Toppo in DBS?

8 Toppo Is The Strongest Character Vegeta Has Defeated In the manga, he even has his own God aura, signifying just how diving Toppo’s power is. While Vegeta doesn’t defeat Toppo in the manga, he does defeat the Pride Trooper leader in the anime.

Can Kale beat Broly?

Broly is far stronger than Kale, while they both may have insane power and an insane ability to adapt in a fight, Broly would top her off there.

Can Toppo’s hikai kill Kefla?

If Toppo’s Hikai cannot KO or at least incap Frieza to some significant degree, no way is it killing/KOing Kefla, who is way stronger than Golden Frieza. Did you forget the rules of the ToP, no killing. Toppo is destroys her.

Can Frieza beat Kefla in Round 2?

Kefla stomps all rounds. Makes me cringe when people say SSG Goku was tired when he got only exhausted from one single fight, he is much less exhausted compared to his fights after Kefla. Kefla stomps this round as she did SSG Goku. Frieza only has a chance in Round 2.

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Is Kelfa stronger than Toppo?

Kefla is way above Frieza but there is no way she can do anything to Toppo. without rules, Toppo destroys her with ease. he is even above second stage UI Goku. Exactly. Then what makes you think that Kelfa, an opponent massively stronger than Golden Frieza, would get killed/KO’d by the same attack? I never said she would. -_-

How strong is Kefla compared to Goku?

SSJ1 Kefla is established to be much stronger than SSBKKx20 Goku since she only need one kick to defeat him and was so powerful that it triggered Goku’s UI – a feat that is only replicated by Jiren at his full strength.