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Is there any monthly pass for Delhi Metro?

Is there any monthly pass for Delhi Metro?

NEW DELHI: Delhi Airport Express Metro on Friday launched a new 30-trip monthly pass for commuters which will reduce the fare by more than half compared to the single journey fare. While a 45-trip pass costs between Rs 500 and Rs 2,500, a 60-trip pass is priced between Rs 600 to Rs 3000.

What is the cost of Metro pass in Delhi?

One-Day Card: available at a cost of Rs. 200/- (Rs. 150 + Rs. 50 refundable security).

Where can I buy Metro Card in Delhi?

In order to avail the ‘Autope’ Smart Card service, the Delhi Metro users will be required to register by downloading the ‘Autope’ app or they can register at Autope’s mobile site and link their Bank/UPI account/Credit Card to the Smart Card as a one-time exercise.

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How can I buy Metro ticket in Delhi?

Well, according to DMRC officials, to book the ticket, the commuter will have to download the ‘Ridlr’ app on their mobile phone and register their credentials- mobile number, name, email id etc.

Is Delhi Metro cheap?

Yes, Delhi Metro is more unaffordable than the New York City Subway.

Can we recharge Delhi Metro Card by Amazon pay?

Amazon Pay users can now recharge their DMRC smart Cards on the Amazon app itself. If you want to avoid long queues and a headache, you can recharge your metro smart card via the Amazon Pay app.

How much does a MetroCard cost?

Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard is available in $5.50, $11.00, $22.00, $27.50, $41.75, and $67.50 denominations . Unlimited Ride MetroCard passes are also available. The 7-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard, the 30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard, and the 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard costs $33, $127, and $62, respectively.

How much is Nol monthly?

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Dubai Metro Nol card tickets and costs

Type of ticket/travel distance Nol card 5 zones
30 day (or monthly) pass standard Silver 270.00
30 day (or monthly) pass students Blue 175.00
30 day (or monthly) pass senior citizens 2 Blue 175.00
Disabled / Special Needs travellers Blue

Can I buy Delhi Metro tickets online?

How much does a Delhi Airport Metro 30-trip monthly pass cost?

Delhi Airport Metro spokesperson said: “The new 30 trip monthly pass will cost between ₹ 400 and ₹ 2,000 for 30 trips, depending upon boarding and alighting stations of the passenger. Commuters can now not only save on their overall monthly expense, but also minimise their trips wastage.”

How do I get a DMRC pass for Delhi Metro?

, lives in New Delhi. DMRC pass is known as Smart card. Just pay 200INR for smart card at any help desk of metro station to get one. You can recharge it as and when wished by you.

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What is the validity of a Delhi Metro Card?

Validity of Card: Ten Years from the date of purchase or the date of last recharge. Facility to check remaining balance on Card: Ticket Reading Machines available at all Metro Stations. (B) Tourist Card: Suitable for unlimited travel over short duration on all DMRC lines except Airport Line.

What is the fare collection system in Delhi Metro?

Automatic Ticketing: Delhi Metro has introduced, for the first time in the country, ticketing and passenger control through a completely Automatic Fare Collection system. The ticket which could be a token or card is purchased from the Ticket Counter or Customer Care Centre.