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Is there a better anime than Naruto?

Is there a better anime than Naruto?

For an anime series that’s more dramatic and daring than Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist is the way to go.

Is Naruto the most successful anime?

Whilst Pokemon comes out on top in some of the larger countries on this planet, it’s Naruto that’s most popular in by far the most countries. In fact, Naruto’s ‘World Domination’ score (yes, we made that up) came in at 43.3\%, topping the list in 81 of the 187 countries we could obtain data for.

Is Naruto series overrated?

Originally Answered: Is Naruto overhyped? No. Naruto is a great anime with plenty of great scenes, a lot of good character writing, very little plot holes and close to no plot induced bullshittery. It is also surprisingly deep for shonen and become even better once you look past the superficial.

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Is Naruto a really good anime?

Naruto is a very good anime as far as anime goes, but it really is just a reason for you to watch Shippuden which is a much better show in every way. Naruto is a good show because you really get to see the characters change throughout the series. The characters are very likable though there are some problems.

Why is Naruto so good?

Naruto is so compelling because it includes many things that most anime and manga series don’t have. It’s filled with engaging and entertaining characters, many different storylines, suspenseful moments, as well as a much-needed dose of humor that you find in every episode.

Who are the best characters in Naruto?

Pessimist, dark, mysterious, hyper intelligent, Itachi uchiha is the best character in the whole Naruto universe. Itachi uchiha, always sacrificing for others around him.

Why is Naruto so popular?

Character Development. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Anime is best known for the Character Development in the Whole Anime.

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  • Antagonists/Villains. Even every Villain in Naruto anime has reasons why he chose the dark path and their story is understandable.
  • Hero Characters.
  • Deeply Developed Ninja System.
  • Sacrifices.
  • Fight Scenes.