Is the gas cap on the right or left side of the vehicle?

Is the gas cap on the right or left side of the vehicle?

That’s an arrow pointing to the side of the vehicle the fuel cap is on. So, if it points to the left – you guessed it – the filler cap is on the driver’s side of your car. And if it points to the right, it’s on the passenger’s side.

How do car manufacturers decide which side to put the fuel cap?

There are no government regulations that determine which side it goes on or how many vehicles have their fuel doors on the left vs. the right side. Fuel system regulations only state that the fuel door must be at the widest part of the car, opposite the exhaust system, and away from crumple zones.

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Why are fuel caps on different sides?

Putting fuel filler doors on different sides of different cars thus means that some cars can access pumps from the left. And this makes it less likely that drivers will have to wait in line for gas. That benefit greatly outweighs the cost of occasionally pulling up to the wrong side of the pump in a rental car.”

Are all gas tanks on the driver’s side?

There are, of course, exceptions. Nissan and other auto manufacturers have vehicles with gas tanks on either side, depending on the model. There is also speculation that it’s not efficient to have all vehicles with gas tanks on the same side because this would cause long lines in gas stations.

Why do some cars have the gas tank on the passenger side?

Are gas caps different?

There are different types of gas caps, ranging from slow-release to cap-less. However, the gas caps for all types of vehicles are made to be universal and can fit to cover the gas tank in any vehicle.

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Are all fuel caps the same size?

Yes they are, all cars and SUV’s have a universal gas tank cap size. Just because all gas caps fit every car, does not mean that the car’s sensors will work with every gas cap. The cap has to seal tight and cars from different makers have different size specs.

How do I know what side of the fuel cap is on?

The arrow points to the side of the car the fuel cap is on. If there’s no arrow, see which side of the pump the hose is shown on. This should indicate which side the fuel cap is on: if the hose is on the left, the tank is on the left, and the same for right.

What happens if you leave your petrol cap off?

If the petrol cap is left off your car, this can cause petrol to escape from the system. As a result, the “check engine” light will come on as a leak will have been detected. It’s important to replace your petrol cap as soon as possible for this reason – and you will also be increasing the amount of vehicle emissions you release.

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Why do some cars have an arrow symbol on the window?

This will save drivers who always forget from hanging out of the car window to check before pulling in at a petrol station. With some cars, there isn’t an arrow symbol, but there is still a way to tell which side of the car your cap is on.