Is Shikamaru or his dad smarter?

Is Shikamaru or his dad smarter?

Shikaku’s own intelligence surpassed his son’s and it is a known fact that the only person who Shikamaru could never beat at shogi was his father. Shikaku’s whole character could be summed up as him being a smarter version of Shikamaru.

Who killed Shikamaru father?

Shikaku Nara died together with his friend Inoichi Yamanaka and several other shinobi (e.g. Ao ) when the Ten-Tails – under Madara’s and Obito’s commands – destroyed the Allied Shinobi Forces’ Headquarters with its Tailed Beast Ball.

Is Choji stronger than his father?

Chocho’s clan is strong and proud. At times her father, Choji, has shown power greater than even Naruto himself. But Chocho at times struggles with self-confidence. Chocho may look up to Naruto, but until she works more on herself, she is much weaker than the Seventh Hokage.

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Is Shikadai stronger than Shikamaru?

Shikadai is known to excel in several aspects of the shinobi arts, unlike Shikamaru Nara. While his strongest assets are the same as those of Shikamaru, Shikadai has much more in his locker.

Does Shikamaru ever get married?

As with most things, Shikamaru resists entanglements with women as much as he can; his Infinite Tsukuyomi dream world sees him successfully avoiding marriage entirely. However, upon realising in Shikamaru Hiden that Temari is one of the most important things in the world to him, he ultimately marries her and even has a son with her, Shikadai.

What’s Shikamaru Nara’s dad’s name?

Shikamaru is the only child of Yoshino and Shikaku Nara. When he was young, he once played “ninja” with other children his age. Chōji Akimichi wanted to play with them, but the other children refused to allow him to do so, claiming he was too stupid to participate.

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Does Shikamaru dad die?

No shikamaru will not die in naruto shippuden . But his father shikaku nara will die in the battle due to the juubi dama you can actually see it in episode 364 “The Ties That Bind” . shikamaru goes on to become naruto (7th hokage) Advicer like his father and he eventually marries temari from Sand .

When is Shikamaru birthday?

It’s September 22nd, Shikamaru Nara’s Birthday. What was supposed to be a fun filled day of cake and friends instead was filled with work and loneliness.