Is Shafali Verma a male?

Is Shafali Verma a male?

This year Verma, now 17, became the youngest Indian cricketer – male or female – to play all three international formats of cricket before joining the Sydney Sixers for her maiden WBBL season.

How old is Shafali Verma?

17 years (January 28, 2004)
Shafali Verma/Age

Does Shafali Verma Bowl?

Bowl Style The youngest-ever to play T20I cricket for India, Shefali Verma shot to fame during the women’s exhibition match that was played towards the fag end of IPL 2019.

What is the jersey number of Shafali Verma?

Shafali verma Height, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More

International Debut T20- 24 September 2019 v South Africa ODI- 27 June 2021 v England Test- 16 June 2021 v England
Jersey Number #17 (India)
State Team Haryana
Coach Ashwani Kumar
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Where is Shafali Verma from?

Rohtak, India
Shafali Verma/Place of birth

What is the cast of Shafali Verma?

Family & Caste Shafali Verma belongs to a Hindu family. Her father Sanjeev Verma, runs a jewellery shop in Rohtak, Haryana. Sanjeev, who had dreamt of becoming a cricketer once, has played a significant role in developing Shafali Verma’s cricketing career.

Who is the youngest female cricketer?

Shafali Verma
Shafali Verma (born 28 January 2004) is an Indian cricketer who plays for the India women’s national cricket team. In 2019, at the age of 15, she became the youngest cricketer to play in a Women’s Twenty20 International match for India….Shafali Verma.

Personal information
2021/22–present Sydney Sixers
Career statistics

When was Shafali Verma born?

January 28, 2004 (age 17 years)
Shafali Verma/Date of birth

What is the height of Harmanpreet Kaur in feet?

5′ 3″
Harmanpreet Kaur/Height

Does Harmanpreet Kaur Bowl?

Harmanpreet Kaur Bowling Records: Total Wickets by Harmanpreet Kaur in ODIs, Tests, T20Is, First Class, Twenty Twenty Matches, ICC World Cup 2019.

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How old is Verma?