Is Ravana a Shudra?

Is Ravana a Shudra?

The implication is that both Ravana and Drona were also partially Shudras by Varna. Varna is not dependent on the birth , Ravan was born a Brahmin but anyone who has got a kshatra( kindgdom ) is a kshatriya.

What is the caste of RAM?

Ramayana, too, mentions the Varna dharma theory and lists the four caste categories — Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Ram himself is known as a Kshatriya king; his guru Vasishtha as a Brahmin.

Was Ravana a Rakshasa or Brahmin?

Visvavasu Brahma unites with Rakshasa lady Kaikasi and begets Ravana and Soorpanakha. As per Manu Smrithi, if an upper caste man begets child with lower caste woman, then the born child will get the caste of mother. This type of unity is called Anuloma sankaram. So, Ravana is a Rakshasa as per Manu Smrithi.

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Can a Brahmin become king?

Yes, there are many kings which are belong from brahmin caste ,They are Bajirao Peshwa , vasudeva kanva , king surya of Kalinga whose gotra was Kashyap and pushyamitra shung are the brave kings of India.

Was Ravana a rakshasa or a Brahmins?

This type of unity is called Anuloma sankaram. So, Ravana is a Rakshasa as per Manu Smrithi. But a research says that entire Dravidians were called Rakshasas by Aryans. That way, we cannot demark Kaikasi as lower caste lady. She must be a Dravadian Brahmin.

Why is Ravana called Ravana Brahma and not ravanaasura?

When Ravana shows bhakti and perseverance in tapas, he was called Ravana Brahma. When said about his cruelty, he was called Ravanaasura (asura=rakshasa). Taking another example, Dronacharya was a Brahmin. But he fought Kurukshetra war and followed kshatriya dharma. Same applies to his son Ashwaththaama as well. Vishwamitra was a kshatriya by birth.

Was Ravan a Vedic Brahmin?

Ravan was a brahmin from his paternal genes he was greatest devotee of shiva have linege of pulitya rishi and his grand mother was daughter of aurv rishi he was belong to a rishi named vishrava and have yagopavitra with him he belongs to saraswat brahmin community from which all vedic brahmins belongs.

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What is the caste of Ravana?

His caste was not recorded. That way, Ravana’s caste is still unknown. But it is sure that Ravana took the genes of his father and became ardent devotee of Shiva and also became strict disciplinarian with respect to Tapas and penance. This is to state that no body can be called with a caste by birth.