Is Parents documents required for UPSC exam?

Is Parents documents required for UPSC exam?

Certificate supporting OBC/SC/ST status (if applicable): Certificate issued by the District Officer/Sub-divisional Officer/any other officer as authorised by the government to issue such certificates of the district in which your parents reside.

How can I verify my UPSC certificate?

UPSC does certificate verification only for those candidates who have been called for INTERVIEW. Certificate verification is done at the Dhaulpur House ie UPSC that too physically by the assigned officer. There too your Graduation degree, 10th & 12th pass certificate are only seen.

Is there any document verification in UPSC?

No… certificate verification for all MAINS candidate is not done. UPSC does certificate verification only for those candidates who have been called for INTERVIEW.

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Does UPSC accept affidavit?

The Supreme Court on Thursday said an affidavit filed by the government did not specify the level of authority at which the decision was taken to not give UPSC aspirants, including “last-attempters” who claimed their preparations for the October 4 prelims were severely restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, another …

Are mobile phones allowed in UPSC interview?

Please be prepared for the stay. You cannot wear a watch inside UPSC interview hall. Better to keep mobile phones outside the UPSC premises. You will normally get newspapers inside UPSC hall.

How EWS certificate is verified by UPSC?

You can get the EWS certificate from your local government authority (Tehsil). The certificate is called an ‘Income and Assets Certificate’, and this is the proof that is required to avail the EWS reservation. The designated government officer will verify your documents and issue your EWS certificate.

How does UPSC verify number of attempts?

If a candidate appears in the examination (prelims) and sign the attendance , omr sheet that’s how your attempt for UPSC get count , so number of time the candidate had signed Prelims attendance sheet is the no. Of attempts. They have track of that with individual’s registration Id for each year.

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What are the documents required to get admission in UPSC?

Proof of age: Only matriculation or secondary school leaving certificate. Certificate of educational qualification: Your degree certificate awarded by the university or an equivalent qualification as recognised by the UPSC. EWS Certificate – Proof is required to avail the EWS reservation.

What is the procedure for photo ID card for the UPSC?

Regarding the Photo-id card, this is as per the latest UPSC notification, “The details of this Photo ID Card will have to be provided by the candidate while filling up the online application form. The candidates will have to upload a scanned copy of the Photo ID whose details have been provided in the online application by him/her.

What is the detailed application form (DAF) for UPSC?

This form is called the Detailed Application Form or DAF in short. This time, you will have to upload scanned copies of certain documents on the UPSC official website, which are given below:

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What if mother name is Pushpa in birth certificate?

2) if mother name is shown as Pushpa in your birth certificate and other documents continue with said name 3) it should not cause any problems in future .