Is it weird for your friend to talk to your ex?

Is it weird for your friend to talk to your ex?

It’s okay to talk to your friends about your ex, even though they’re friends with him or her. It’s only natural you would want to vent to your friends about the person who ruined your life. Don’t feel like you can’t tell them anything without them running and spilling your secrets.

What do you do when your friend starts talking to your ex?

Here are 15 ways in which you can do so.

  1. Confront your friend.
  2. Embrace the sadness.
  3. Assess your feelings.
  4. Create boundaries in the friendship.
  5. Take a break from the friendship.
  6. Hang out with your favourite people.
  7. Try to be supportive.
  8. Have a conversation with your ex.
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Is talking to your ex okay?

If it was a respectful, mutual parting, talking to your ex may be just fine. Because each relationship is so unique, asking whether you should talk to your ex is a deeply complex issue, and it must be evaluated and eventually answered only after a thorough analysis of your relationship, your breakup, and yourself.

Is it bad if your girlfriend always talk about her ex?

If she is always talking about her ex, whether with her friends or just you, that’s not a good sign. Simply put, if she is always wondering about where he is and what he’s up to, that’s just trouble. Time for you to think about what you truly want, need and deserve.

How do you deal with your friends being friends with your ex?

Here is how I’ve learned to deal with my friends being friends with my ex, without losing my BFFs: 1. You’re mature enough to deal with it. Being an adult means there isn’t any time for petty arguments. Fighting over your friends like they are the latest Drake album isn’t acceptable.

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Does my girlfriend want to get back with her ex?

Because if she is talking about her ex, that’s really not showing you she cares about your feelings. Don’t let her use you just because she is afraid of being alone. If she is showing you with numerous signals she wants to get back with her ex, you’ve got to cut her loose.

Is Your Girlfriend texting or calling her old boyfriend?

Regardless, if your girlfriend is texting or calling her old boyfriend, you need to pay attention and have your alert on. If she still loves him, no matter how much this hurts, she won’t be able to stay away from him.