Is it OK to hate your classmates?

Is it OK to hate your classmates?

So it’s not completely abnormal to ‘hate’ (as you say) all of your classmates, if they don’t align with your views, concepts and values. It’s not abnormal to dislike a group of people that you don’t seamlessly connect with.

How do you deal with negative classmates?

Ask friends to help you avoid said annoying people. If not, just ignore them by doing something else, like reading! Know that the annoying people in your class just want to see you mad and distract you. Don’t give them what they want.

Why do I get left out?

Feeling left out is a natural response to social exclusion. When someone leaves you out of an event, it can make you feel like you don’t matter to them. You may find yourself isolated and lonely. You may not understand why you weren’t a part of the plans.

How do you deal with the stress of being a student?

Focus on your friends, family and things you enjoy. You can even vent to your friends or family about your classmates. Having this outlet outside of class can make the time in class easier. If you are still struggling, consider seeking out a counselor or therapist that can give you a safe space to talk about your frustrations.

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How do you deal with the worst classes at school?

Spend time with people who are positive towards you. Even the worst class is doable if you know you can exchange funny stories at lunch with your best friend. You may not get to choose who is in your class, but you do have a choice whether you carry anything negative from class beyond the classroom.

What questions should I ask myself about my classmates?

Question if you would spend time with these kids outside of school. If you don’t have much in common with these classmates, there may not be much of a need to even be friends in class. If your classmates seem like they would be the type of friends you want, ask yourself whether you need to make more of an effort to make friends.

How to break the Silence of not speaking up in class?

Breaking the silence of not speaking up in class does not need to start out in a huge way. You can start out by just making an effort to make small contributions to the bigger conversation. Or, you may show interest by just laughing at the right time during an animated story being told by a classmate.