Is Hinata Hyuga a housewife?

Is Hinata Hyuga a housewife?

After marrying Naruto and he becomes Hokage, Hinata remains supportive of him and his increased responsibilities, even though she yearns for him to be home more often. As a mother and wife, she has become a master homemaker, keeping the family well-structured yet well-adjusted and happy.

Why is Hinata a failure?

After she failed in a competition to inherit the Hyūga clan, Hiashi never looked at her the same. He decided to support the winner of the competition, which left Hinata feeling powerless. With her mother gone, Hinata didn’t have much support in the Hyūga family, which made her feel like an outcast.

Who else has a crush on Hinata?

In the present, two years after the war, Naruto spends time with Hinata and starts to fall in love with her, and confesses twice to her before she is taken by Toneri. This left Naruto heartbroken but he went to rescue Hinata.

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Is Hinata still a housewife?

Hinata is the only housewife but she accepted the job to take care of her children but however, according to the latest updates she is working with Orochimaru for some experiment regarding Byakugan, I guess. I think Hinata fans might know that. Karin, Tenten and Kurotsuchi are still bachelors.

What is Hinata’s relationship with Naruto like?

When Naruto becomes Hokage, Hinata remains supportive of him and his increased responsibilities and tries to keep Boruto and Himawari happy despite his frequent absences, even though she herself also yearns for her husband to be at home. As a mother and wife, she is very loving and supportive of her family.

Are there any Housewives in Boruto?

The only housewife in Boruto is Hinata. Sakura, Temari, Ino, Anko, Shizune, Tenten, Mei- none of these are housewives. Sakura runs Konoha’s hospital. She is the lead medic of Konoha. Everyone knows Sakura is a very well accomplished woman in Boruto, leading Konoha’s healthcare unit.

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How old is Hinata in the last Boruto movie?

Hinata in The Last: Naruto the Movie. Hinata in Boruto: Naruto the Movie. 1/2. Add photo. In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Hinata is 18-years-old and her mission attire is a light lavender, sleeveless kimono-style blouse with vertical lines, tied with a dark purple obi around her waist.