Is Emma Watson Autotuned?

Is Emma Watson Autotuned?

Sadly it was very much autotuned. I heard it almost immediately in the trailer and it pains me that her voice sounds so processed 🙁 I can’t imagine her actual voice is bad or needed SO MUCH computer enhancement. Was looking forward to the soundtrack, but not so much anymore.

Was Emma Watson the first choice for Belle?

We spoke to Beauty and The Beast director Bill Condon about his casting of Emma Watson as Belle and it’s making us even more excited about the new live-action Disney remake. “Emma was the first and only choice. It was a culmination of all those qualities that she brings to it.

Did Emma Watson make a good Belle?

‘Beauty and the Beast’ director explains why Emma Watson made the perfect Belle. The director of ”Beauty and the Beast” explains what made Emma Watson perfect for the role of Belle.

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Who almost played Belle?

4. Emma Roberts and Lily Collins were also in the running for Belle… Along with Amanda Seyfried and Emmy Rossum.

Who should have been cast as Belle?

7 Stars Who Could Have Played Belle In Beauty And The Beast

  • Leighton Meester. Another stunning brunette with big brown eyes is Leighton Meester – visually she definitely fits the role (just forget she played Blair in Gossip Girl).
  • Sarah Greene.
  • Jenna Coleman.
  • Vanessa Hudgens.
  • Emilia Clarke.

Who sings for Belle in Beauty and the Beast 2017?

Emma Watson

Was the Little Mermaid cast as a black woman?

Disney cast the Little Mermaid as a black woman. Why that unnerved some is the same reason others rejoiced. | Elizabeth Wellington Disney cast the Little Mermaid as a black woman. Why that unnerved some is the same reason others rejoiced. | Elizabeth Wellington

Is Halle Bailey The Little Mermaid based on a voodoo goddess?

The uproar over Disney casting Halle Bailey as the Little Mermaid overlooks generations of Caribbean and African folklore. A relief sculpture of the goddess Mami Wata on the wall of a voodoo temple in Benin.

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Did Hans Christian Andersen invent the Black Mermaid?

Black mermaids have always existed: long before Andersen, certainly long before Disney. Given the way African stories have been taken and twisted, I wonder just where Andersen got his idea in the first place.

Is Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ based on a true story?

Disney took serious liberties with Hans Christian Andersen’s original version of “The Little Mermaid,” who, lest we have forgotten, he didn’t even name. The story, originally published in 1836, is replete with religious references to souls and afterlife.