Is corporate job a slavery?

Is corporate job a slavery?

If the word slavery is taken in its literal sense, then No, corporate jobs are definitely not slavery. Slavery, which existed a few centuries ago, was a serious social evil. Corporate jobs are highly profit-centric and the welfare of the employees only goes as far as it is profitable.

What type of slavery is in India?

Bonded labor is India’s most prevalent form of slavery, with about 18 million people working without pay in fields, brick kilns, rice mills, brothels or as domestic workers to repay debts to unscrupulous employers and moneylenders.

Is there slavery in India today?

According to a Walk Free report in 2018, there were 46 million people enslaved worldwide in 2016, and there were 1 million people in India were living in forms of modern slavery, such as bonded labour, child labour, forced marriage, human trafficking, forced begging, among others, compared to 18.3 million in 2016.

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How can corporate slaves be prevented?

How not to become a corporate slave

  1. The boss is NOT always right! The first and the foremost thing to be able to come out of the trap, is not to follow the conventional rule of ‘Boss is always right’.
  2. Set realistic standards.
  3. Believe in yourself.
  4. Maintaining balance.
  5. Contentment.
  6. Break the monotony.
  7. Quick tips:

Why are there slaves in India?

Forced and fake marriages, often driven by financial factors, are widely used as a way of trafficking adolescent girls into domestic slavery and sexual exploitation. Vulnerability is the key factor that drives slavery in India.

Who said there was no slavery in India?

Megasthenese said that there was no “Slavery in India”.

Who ended slavery in India?

Lord Ellenborough
Notes: It was Lord Ellenborough who abolished slavery in India. The Indian Slavery Act, 1843, also Act V of 1843, was an act passed in British India under East India Company rule, which outlawed many economic transactions associated with slavery.

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Why does India have so many slaves?

The world’s highest population of slaves — 18 million — live in India, where poverty, social inequality, and enormous textile and garment industries create the perfect conditions for labor exploitation.