Is coordinate geometry easy for JEE mains?

Is coordinate geometry easy for JEE mains?

Coordinate geometry is one of the most interesting and important topics of the mathematics syllabus of JEE Advanced and JEE Main. It is one of the easiest and most scoring topic of JEE mathematics.

Is solving cengage enough for JEE mains?

Is cengage mathematics by G. Tewani enough to get at least 48 marks in jee main April session 2020??

Which is the best book for coordinate geometry for JEE Advanced?

Arihant book of coordinate geometry
The Arihant book of coordinate geometry for JEE Advanced by SK Goyal is one of the best books for JEE Advanced coordinate geometry. The theory explains concepts in a good way and the questions are of a good level. Apart from this, their differential calculus and trigonometry unit books are good too.

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Is SK Goyal coordinate geometry enough for JEE?

See, Arihants coordinate geometry by S.K Goyal is an awesome book for JEE mains and advanced and lot of toppers recommend this book. On the other hand Cengages Coordinate geometry by G. Tewani is also a great book and is very good for practicing questions as there are huge number of questions in the book.

Is Cengage good for JEE maths?

CENGAGE publication provide good books especially for physics and maths. As i have used these books personally during my tenure of preparation for JEE advanced. I can confidently recommend it to you.

Is Cengage maths good for mains?

As per my opinion and experience this book is ok for JEE mains preparation because it has variety of questions and students can practice every topic from this book it also host a very great number of examples, inside this book is also recommended for olympiads and JEE advanced.

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Which is better for algebra arihant or cengage?

Cengage books by G. Tiwani is highly recommended for JEE Advanced Algebrs over Arihant and Higher Algebra. This covers each and every concepts & topic of JEE-Advance syllabus. No extra topic Are added in this book where as in Books like HIGHER ALGEBRA you find 15–20\% of the topics which are not in syllabus of JEE.

Is Cengage a good book for coordinate geometry?

Yes cengage is good for coordinate geometry. Its give vary brief and well explain concepts. Read it understand it. Which ever book you use use it properly and thoroughly. Always remember any book has its own uniqueness. It has always something extra than other book.

Which is the best book for coordinate geometry for the JEE?

For Coordinate geometry Arihant should be the first choice. As JEE Advanced is concerned, this book contains some really good brainstorming questions which will test your patience, endurance, problem solving skill at the same time. Number of problems in this book is less only those problems are given which are important from JEE point of view.

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Which is the best book for Cengage for JEE Mains and advance?

Cengage has a bifurcation between questons of jee Mains and JEE advance. One personal advice : Proceed to hard questions be it from any book only when you are clear with your basic concepts.As in the end the concepts are something which would help you in and exam like JEE. For Coordinate geometry Arihant should be the first choice.

Should I study Cengage or SK Goyal for the IIT JEE?

Both of them can lead you towards the iit gate. Study anyone which suits you… both are standard books for jee. Cengage is more systematic and better than SK Goyal because in SK Goyal book there is collection of tough problems which do not come in the frame of IIT JEE.