Is consulting good for introverts?

Is consulting good for introverts?

Can introverts be successful management consultants? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. Strongly introvertive personalities may struggle, at least at first, with presentations, long hours with clients, and with the ever-present imperative of bringing in new business. That’s true.

Do you need to be an extrovert to be a consultant?

Take it from an introvert: you do NOT have to be an extrovert to be a good consultant. There are plenty of non-scientific but data-centric studies ( that reveal that introverted personalities make better leaders.

Does Deloitte look at a levels?

Spring into Deloitte How you think and solve problems is just as important to us as your academic achievements. But you’ll need a certain level of education to show you’re able to study for your professional qualifications. Find out more on our Spring into Deloitte programme.

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Is it worth it to join Deloitte?

Assuming you are from a regular Indian MNC, if so – Deloitte is a good place to join. You will get to learn a lot in several aspects. Upskilling is mandatory at Deloitte! It is worth joining Deloitte but, try to do some research on the role you are being offered.

Is Deloitte a good company to work for as a white collar?

Its a dream of every second white-collared professional, even me, to work with Big 4 or Big 3 Consulting firms. Deloitte, being in the top until today among the Big 4 Consulting firms, may or may not meet your requirements but the brand name you’ll get will be commendable.

Is Deloitte a good company to put on a CV?

Deloitte really is a strong brand on your CV and recognized world wide. There are very few people that I’ve met over the years that do not immediately recognize Deloitte when they ask me what I do for a living and what company I work for.

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Should I join Deloitte as a BTA or a consultant?

Generally, employees with 0–2,3 years fall under BTA . Laterals with 3+ exp are offered with Consultant Designation in Deloitte. It is not easy to get promoted in 1st year itself if you join as a BTA. Otherwise , go join Deloitte. You get a chance to work on latest technologies.