Is coconut tree farming profitable in India?

Is coconut tree farming profitable in India?

Coconut farming in India is less profitable given the excess of supply over demand. But if the land in between trees is used for other crops, including cocoa, the money can be lucrative. But the output of coconut oil declined by a little over one percent.

How much is a coconut tree worth?

You wouldn’t choose a plant that is at the mature end of its life span. The typical size of coconut tree to install is 20 to 30 feet tall, and the cost is about $2,500.

Is a coconut farm profitable?

The average annual income for a coconut-farming household is around $355 a year, which averages out to less than one dollar a day. Farmers have little to no extra income to invest in resources for their farms, which results in shrinking crops and further declining incomes.

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How many coconuts does a tree produce a year?

Coconut Fruit Trees grown in proper conditions produce 50 coconuts or more annually and the tree flowers periodically throughout the year. It takes about a year for the coconuts to fully ripen.

What is the height of coconut tree?

60-100 feet tall
Coconut palm is the most recognizable palm in the world. This tree grows 60-100 feet tall and 20-30 feet wide with huge leaves to 15 feet long. Coconut fruits hang in clusters under and among leaf bases.

Are there male and female coconut trees?

Coconut trees are a special case, and they produce both male and female flowers. This means that they are a monoecious species. Tall coconut trees are pollinated by other trees, while many dwarf coconut trees are self-pollinating, which makes them homozygous.

What is the average yield of a coconut tree in Kerala?

Certain coconut trees Does not give Good yield on certain soils Average age of coconut trees is 60 years. With less yield upto 100 years It depends on the conditions where you plant the tree. Normally, in Kerala, one coconut tree yields around 80–100 coconuts per year.

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How much money can I make by selling coconuts in Kerala?

Normally, in Kerala, one coconut tree yields around 80–100 coconuts per year. And the income depends on the market rate. It will vary from anywhere between Rs 500 to Rs 2500. If you sell tender coconut, you can earn more because they are priced at a higher rate than the matured ones.

How much does it cost to grow one coconut tree per acre?

On average 70 coconut trees can be planted(recommended for good yield) in one acre. By considering labour, fertilizer, maintenance, free current and cost per coconut as of today 13 Rs(2018) one can earn 70,000 Rs to 100,000 Rs per acre. A coconut tree needs approximately 75lit/day. So for 70*75= 5250 liters per day.

Which state is the largest producer of coconut in India?

Tamil Nadu accounts for the largest production in the country of about 33.84\%. This Coconut farming project report discusses the farming methods and possibilities in India. At the end of the document, one can find the investment details and profits associated with Coconut cultivation. Coconut Tree.