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Is Akash and Meritnation same?

Is Akash and Meritnation same?

AESL Launches Aakash EduTV On JioTV App (OTT) ALSPL markets its offerings under the brand name ‘Meritnation’.

Can Aakash students access Meritnation?

Rising to the occasion, Indian test preparation and Edtech major Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) through its subsidiary, Meritnation, has announced that it will provide special free live classes for students. All educators can reach out to Meritnation for any assistance that they may need to help students.

Is Meritnation good?

Meritnation is just awesome. It has syllabus as per my textbook and it is so easy for me to learn. All the tests in Meritnation help me a lot in my studies. I have got good grades and I wish Meritnation best of luck for promotion of its website throughout the world.

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Is Meritnation a branch of Aakash Institute?

Aakash Educational, a Delhi-based ed-tech company is all set to acquire a 66\% stake in ed-tech platform Meritnation. Currently, it is held by Info Edge (India) Ltd. Aakash Chaudhry, CEO, Aakash Educational said that “The acquisition will help the company to accelerate progress in the digital side of the business.

Who is Meritnation?

Meritnation is India’s 1st online learning platform for school students with over 2.5 crore students across CBSE, ICSE, and leading state boards.

Who is the owner of Meritnation?

Pavan Chauhan
Meritnation was founded in 2008 by IIM-Bangalore alumni Pavan Chauhan and Ritesh Hemrajani. The company develops and delivers study content and assessment modules for students of classes I through to high school in mathematics, science and English.

Which is better Aakash or FIITJEE?

So I think I can answer this question. FIITJEE and AAKASH are both equally good. In FIITJEE you need to be so focused, no one there tells you to study You need to study on your own. But when it comes to doubts the faculty gives you very good response the faculty is so friendly and caring and also very highly experienced.

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Why should I join Aakash Institute instead of resonance?

But i didn’t join resonance because AAKASH INSTITUTE has way better teachers (IIT’ians, faculty from DU etc) also the plus point is that they have adequate ratio of students (35–40) but in resonance you got 60+ students you got shi Its a question which raises among all the new students. Basically you don’t have to go to the name of the institute.

Which is the best coaching for JEE in India?

FIITJEE is the most popular and trusted names for JEE coaching The most famous name in the Indian coaching factory, FIITJEE has long been the face of the industry. With presence seeped across practically every city and town in India, FIITJEE is a major stakeholder in the coaching industry of India.

Which is better FIITJEE or IIT JEE?

FIITJEE has one of the largest number of student’s selected every year in IIT. FIITJEE has a robust academic research team. FIITJEE is a better paymaster, Hence better faculties. FIITJEE has a proper selection process which checks whether a student is capable of doing engineering or not.

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