Is a BBA better than a BSc?

Is a BBA better than a BSc?

It depends on your interest and also the college which you are applying to. If you are neutral about your interest, and is looking for job only, then look at the colleges which offer better placements. BBA is a commerce degree while BSc(CS) is a technical degree. The job opportunities are good for both.

Is BBA better than BSc biotechnology?

Both the course you mentioned are good to pursue and both offers good career prospects and excellent growth opportunities. Both the course you mentioned are good to pursue and both offers good career prospects and excellent growth opportunities.

Which degree is best for Microbiology?

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Master of Science in Microbiology. Master of Science in Applied Microbiology. Master of Science in Medical Microbiology. Master of Science in Microbial Genetics and Bioinformatics.

Is BSc Microbiology a good course?

B.Sc Microbiology is a good course for students who are interested in exploring various microorganism and their pathogenic potential. The course gives them scope to find solutions to pathogenic problems and serve the nation.

Which is the best course after BSc microbiology?

Some microbiology graduates go on to further study at Masters or PhD level in subjects such as:

  • biochemistry.
  • bioinformatics.
  • biotechnology.
  • environmental microbiology.
  • genetics.
  • medical microbiology.
  • molecular biology.

What is the difference between BSc Biotechnology and BSc Microbiology?

Both BSc Biotechnology and BSc Microbiology are specialized courses and are popular among students. The basic difference between these two courses is provided in the table below: B.Sc. Biotechnology is a full-time undergraduate program that is of 2-year duration and is a more diverse field as compared to a B.Sc. Microbiology.

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Which are the top colleges in India for BSc Microbiology?

Some of the top colleges which provide admission to B.Sc Microbiology course are: 1 Rai University 2 Panjab University 3 BIFT group of Institutions 4 Indian Academy Degree College 5 Lovely Professional University

What is the eligibility for BSc Microbiology distance course?

The distance BSc Microbiology courses are offered for a period of 3 years. The courses are available at a lower cost than the regular courses. The candidates must pass their 12th with a minimum score of 45-50\%. The candidates must have Biology in their 12th exam.

What are the job opportunities after BSc Microbiology?

Common Jobs after B.Sc. Microbiology: Microbiologist, Operations Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Senior research scientist, Quality control Microbiologist, Clinical Research Associate etc.