How should we do stairs as per vastu?

How should we do stairs as per vastu?

Some basic principles: > An external staircase can be built in the south-east – facing the east, south-west – facing the west, northwest – facing the north, and southwest – facing the south. > The stairs should always start from the north and go towards the south, or from the east to the west.

Where is the best place to put stairs in a house?

The two most common placements for staircases include, commencing in the main entrance hall from the front door and commencing from a living space further inside the home.

What can be kept under staircase as per vastu?

Use of space under staircase The space under the staircase should be used for nothing but storage of common household items, say Vastu experts. Cabinets containing valuable items, such as cash or jewellery, should not be kept in this space. Do not use this space for keeping discarded items or worn out footwear.

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What do you put under your stairs in Feng Shui?

Carpet, wood, or tiles are okay, with wood being preferable as it offers growing energy that rises. Space under stairs should be used for storage: It is good Feng Shui to use the space under a staircase for storage rather than to leave it empty.

Can stairs be anticlockwise vastu?

Orientation of Stairs According to Vastu Shastra Staircases should always turn clockwise, as we go up. In other words, the person using the stairs to go up, should move from the north to the south or the east to the west. Vastu experts are of the opinion that an anti-clockwise staircase can impact career growth.

What are the four types of stairs?

Four Types of Stairs

  • Straight Stairs. The simplest, and also the most dangerous, since, if you slip at the top, your probably in for a ride to the bottom.
  • L-shaped Stairs. Up to a landing and turn creates some interest and mystery.
  • U-shaped Stairs.
  • Winder Stairs or Circular Stairs.
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What is open newel stair?

Open Newel Stair: This type of stairs consists of two or more flights arranging a well or opening between the backward and forward flights. When all the steps are difficult to arrange in two flights, a short third flight of 3 to 6 steps may be provided along the direction perpendicular to the hall.

What is the Vastu for staircase?

You can construct external staircase in South-East facing East, South-West facing West, North-West facing North and South-West facing South. Vastu for Staircase suggests that while going up via stairs, one must climb towards West or South; and while descending one should descend towards East or North.

How to make your home Vastu compliant?

However – due to any reason – if the South-West corner of the home is unavailable to make a staircase, then the next best place to locate stairs is the South or West portion of home. The next step in making the staircase of your home a vastu compliant one is to implement vastu tips for staircase.

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What is north facing house Vastu?

Step By Step Information on North Facing House Vastu North direction has “0°” or “360°”, (Zero Degrees or 360 Degrees in compass) both are same in compass. North direction is in between Northwest and Northeast directions. The North direction is the cardinal direction.

What is the Best Direction for an internal staircase?

Direction for internal staircase, as per Vastu It is unanimously accepted that the designated place for the staircase in a building, is near the entrance. Vastu experts are of the belief that for internal staircases, the south-west portion in the property is an ideal choice. The south and the west portions happen to be the second-best choices.