How much percentile is good in eLitmus?

How much percentile is good in eLitmus?

There is no particular score set by the conducting body after which the candidates will be considered. But 70 percentile is said to be a good eLitmus score.

How can I clear eLitmus?

How to Prepare for eLitmus

  1. What is eLitmus Test?
  2. Know companies that hire via eLitmus.
  3. Understand the pattern.
  4. Know the cut off.
  5. Importance of Cryptarithmetic section.
  6. Understanding weightage of each topic.
  7. Solving eLitmus Previous year papers.
  8. Will joining any online class be any worth of eLitmus.

What is the eLitmus test for getting a job?

Elitmus is a obviously one of the finest test to get a job especially if you are from CS/IT background. Packages varies from 2.4 -9.7 lpa, It’s totally on you technical and soft skills to convert the call from any company.

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What is eLitmus pH Test score?

eLitmus is one of the biggest online hiring platforms and a national level assessment for all those out there looking out for entry level engineering jobs. eLitmus pH test Score card is used by companies to shortlist students for Interviews in Off Campus and On Campus Placements.

How does E-litmus help in getting a job?

So basically e-litmus exposes you to many interviews conducted based on your score. And once you have got the interview call its on how you perform in your interview. In most of the cases when fresher come to new city in search of job they are not even aware of companies an their openings.

What are the companies that hire from eLitmus?

You may count the companies like Accenture, McAfee, Novell, IBM, CGI, and the list keeps growing……… The test which ELitmus conducts is something we can’t ignore. Through this, the companies call either the entry-level job-seekers or the experienced candidates after they have enrolled themselves on the official website.