How much more should the roommate with the master bedroom pay?

How much more should the roommate with the master bedroom pay?

But, in general, having the roommate with the larger bedroom pay more is considered an acceptable practice. It doesn’t have to be a significant increase, but paying 2 to 7 percent more in rent than other roommate(s) might be considered fair.

Is rent paid per room or per person?

Assuming you are sharing the common space equally it should not matter if two are sharing a room. Rent should be paid per person though if it were me I could agree with Option 2.

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How much should I charge my friend for rent?

However, using a statistical analysis of our responses, we can give a good general guideline: guests who stay longer than a week should pay a two-thirds share of the rent, for each night that they stay.

How do you calculate rent per person?

Divide each person’s individual space by the total square footage of private space and pay the same percentage of rent as space you occupy.

How do you calculate how much rent to charge for roommates?

Everyone Pays by Square Footage | This is the most simplistic way to divide the rent when the bedrooms aren’t equal in size. Simply measure each bedroom (including closet areas and bathroom, if private to that bedroom), add up the square footage and calculate what percentage of total bedroom space each roommate will have.

How is the rent divided between roommates when renting a house?

Most of the time, the rent is just divided by the number of roommates and everyone pays the same amount. However, when you end up renting a space where the rooms aren’t all the same size or one is more desirable in some way (has better windows/view, has an awesome closet,…

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How should rent and utilities be split when you have a roommate?

A nice, even split down the middle might seem like the easiest way to divide rent and utilities when you take on a roommate, but it isn’t always fair. One of you might earn twice what the other does, or you might already have taken over the master bedroom and now you’re looking for someone to use the smaller room down the hall.

How much would it cost to rent an apartment for two people?

The balance of the rent — $875 – would cover the areas of the dwelling you both enjoy. Divide this in half, which comes out to $437.50 for each of you. Then add the cost of your respective bedrooms. You would contribute $812.50 to the rent and she would pay $687.50.