How much is a 1997 BMW Z3 Roadster worth?

How much is a 1997 BMW Z3 Roadster worth?

1997 BMW Z3 Retail Prices

Trim MSRP CarGurus Instant Market Value
2.8 Roadster RWD $36,470 $11,284
1.9 Roadster RWD $29,570 N/A

Is a BMW Z3 expensive to maintain?

The annual maintenance cost of a BMW Z3 is $691. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and shop.

Are BMW Z3 reliable cars?

The car has always been totally reliable, all that has needed to be done is regular service & add fuel! Being a BMW, the build quality is as you would expect it to be, solid & good quality.

Are BMW Z3 going up in value?

The Z3 that are going to increase in value are the 2.8 and 3.0 models, but even then, they’ll only go up if the miles are kept down and even then, only if the car is constantly babied, which isn’t the point of a Z3. A Z3 is a car to buy, drive and enjoy.

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How reliable is a 1997 BMW Z3?

It runs like a dream and is very reliable, most parts that I have had to replace were the originals. I intend to keep it forever. Purchased this 1997 bmw z3 with 147400 miles on the clock and fixed lamps out and several small problems , just a little tlc along with.

How much is a 97 BMW worth?

1997 BMW 7 Series trade-in prices range from $505 – $3,597. Get a more accurate value for your car with the Edmunds appraisal tool.

How many miles can you get out of a BMW Z3?

With the right maintenance at the right time, your Z3 has a good chance of hitting 200,000 miles or more. So, you want to care for your car, but you’re not sure when to get certain services. Instead of waiting for an issue to arise with your Z3, you can stay ahead of problems before they even begin.

Is the 1997 BMW Z3 reliable?

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Is BMW roadster reliable?

Overall Reliability Ratings: Is The Bmw Z4 Reliable? Overall the Bmw Z4 reliability is 76.55 and that makes it very reliable. The chart below illustrates exactly how this ranks compared to some other cars, but the average overall rating is 57 as some comparison.

Which Z3 engine is best?

The 2.8-litre Z3 is probably the best used bet of the entire range, offering that creamy smooth engine with punchy performance.

Is a 1997 BMW Z3 worth it?

Our 1997 BMW Z3 trim comparison will help you decide. Just like you, I’ve wanted to drive this sexy Bavarian treat for a long time. But four cylinders? Hardly seemed worth it. Now there are six. Trust me, it’s worth it. This car is simply a sexy, shapely pile of sheet metal motivated by a hellishly fun engine.

What should I look for when buying a BMW Z3 M Roadster?

However, the important thang is to look at the condition, rather than the mileage.BMW Z3 M Roadster If looking for a 2.8 or any six-cylinder model do not worry about the old BMW problem with Nicasil bores – these engines were never fitted to a Z3.

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Is the BMW Z3 a good car?

Those who cared more about style and image loved it; here was a premium two-seater convertible that was well made, good to drive and came with some brilliant engines that focused on either performance or economy, depending on which was selected. However, the hard-core press weren’t so keen on the Z3.

How much does a BMW Z3 with a 6-cylinder engine cost?

When you ask for your Z3 with BMW’s juicy 2.8-liter aluminum block in-line six-cylinder, you also get a car with a 2.6-inch wider rear track. You also get a car with a base price of $35,900, about $6,000 more than the four-cylinder.