How much does it cost to book Udaipur Palace?

How much does it cost to book Udaipur Palace?

For an Udaipur wedding, the budget lands between the range of 30 – 60 lakhs. Generally you require a minimum budget of around 30 – 60 lakhs for having a destination wedding in Udaipur for a guest list of about 150 people where the celebration lasts for 3 days.

What is the rent of Udaipur Palace?

All inclusive budget for such Palace or Palace style Hotels range from Rs. 35000 to Rs. 2.75 lakh per person for 2 nights stay, meals, services, setup & Decor etc. With a guest list of 150, you would end up spending anything between Rs 50 lakhs to Rs.

Who is owner of Taj Lake Palace Udaipur?

Arvind Singh Mewar
Arvind Singh Mewar, Chairman and Managing Director, The Lake Palace Hotels & Motels Private Limited said, “Taj Lake Palace is a legendary icon of Udaipur. IHCL restored it sensitively to preserve its timeless elegance and its unique history, while blending it with the conveniences of modern luxury.

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Is Taj Lake Palace worth?

best hotel experience ever! We travel a lot and like to stay at the nicer places and I can honestly say Taj Lake Palace is the best hotel/resort we’ve ever stayed! We stayed in Room 226, palace room lake view….in other hotels, this would be the Presidential Suite, here it was a typical Palace Room!

How much does a wedding cost in Goa?

The average cost of weddings in goa for 50 guests is approximately 10 lakhs – 12 lakhs. These costs may vary depending upon the guest count, the number of functions, venue location, and the season. Fortunately for you don’t need to give up on your dream of a destination wedding.

Is Lake Palace floating?

The palace is built on a natural foundation of 4 acres rock on the Jag Niwas island. When the water level is high, it hides all traces of the island and the palace appears to be almost floating in the water.

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Can you visit Lake Palace Udaipur?

Main Highlights of The Lake Palace, Udaipur There are several attractions at the Lake Palace, including the museum tour of the palace that the guests can undertake at Rs. 75 per person. Guests are escorted by the hotel staff and security for the tour.

Can we visit Lake Palace Udaipur?

How do I get from Taj Lake Palace to Udaipur?

Udaipur is connected via National Highway (NH8), making it an easily accessible destination. If you wish to take a road trip from Delhi or Mumbai, NH8 is a boon for you. Airport- The Maharana Pratap Airport is situated 26 km away from the Taj Lake Palace. It will take around 40 minutes to reach Taj Lake Palace.

Is Taj Lake Palace Udaipur suitable for a wedding?

Taj lake palace does not allow a wedding involving more than 60 guests and it also requires you to book a minimum number of rooms for wedding. Therefore, it is an ideal venue for wedding with 50-60 guests. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur has 66 rooms and 17 suites.

Is Udaipur a good place for a royal wedding?

Nowadays it has become popular as a wedding destination too. Royal palaces of Udaipur have witnessed many royal wedding and now you can get married in a royal fashion at one of such palaces. A Royal wedding at a palace is likely to cost Rs. 1.5 crore or more. Taj lake palace was a royal palace in Udaipur which was converted into a luxury hotel.

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What is the name of the famous Lake Palace in Udaipur?

Taj Lake Palace is located in the middle of the Lake Pichola and is a 45 minutes drive from Udaipur Maharana Pratap airport. The Lake Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, arising out of the Turquoise Waters of the Pichola like an elegant fantasy in white marble. The Lake palace was built in the 17th century on…

How much is the boat ride from Udaipur to Aravalli Lake?

A boat ride along the lake is priced at Rs.450 per person, providing the guests with a mesmerizing view of the Aravalli hills and the other beautiful palaces of Udaipur. Since Udaipur consists of many tourist locations, some of them are easily accessible from the Lake Palace.