How much an average American spends in a month?

How much an average American spends in a month?

Average monthly expenses by household size The average monthly expenses among all households totaled $5,253, or $63,036 annually. That’s up 3\% from 2018.

How much does the average person spend in life?

If you look at the stats on the U.S. Department of Labor ‘s website at CONSUMER EXPENDITURES–2012 , a fellow westerner spends $50K per year on average. If you average the male/female life expectancy, you get exactly 78.65 years, which is ~4M dollars. But half of the life you don’t spend us much.

How much money does the average American spend?

So how much does the average American spend per year? According to the latest statistics, the average yearly expenses of a US consumer in 2019 is $63,036. This averages to $5,253 per month.

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How much does the average American spend per day?

Average American Spending per Day: All Ages

Average Daily Spending by Americans of All Ages
Groceries $11.95
Clothing/Apparel $5.02
Pets $1.95
Overall $164.55

How much does the average American spend a day?

With that in mind, GOBankingRates did some digging to determine how much the average American spends on a daily basis. To do so, it analyzed 2017 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 15 categories covering both essential and discretionary spending. And, it concluded that overall, the average American spends $164.55 a day.

Is 50 dollars a day a lot for a person?

However to many at a certain point of life when expenses start to go down (assuming they haven’t retired) 50$ isn’t alot, probably NO. The average annual salary in the U.S. is about $59,000 (this can vary wildly, depending on where one lives, what sort of work one does, etc.), so the average hourly wage is approximately $28.

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Which age groups spend the most money on average?

Interestingly, millennials spend the most out of every age group on a daily basis even though they’re probably not as advanced in their careers as their older counterparts, and are therefore likely to earn less. On the other hand, it’s not surprising to see adults between the ages of 35 and 64 spending more than the average.

How do Americans spend their income?

Americans’ income is typically allocated to one of three places: taxes, savings, or annual expenditures (spending). Most consumer spending falls into the larger categories of food, housing, transportation, healthcare, insurance, and other goods and services. Housing alone accounts for almost a third of spending.