How many seats are there in JNU for MA history?

How many seats are there in JNU for MA history?

JNUEE 2020 Seat Intake for M.A, M.Sc, M.C.A Courses

Subject Intake
M.A. in Economics (with specialization in World Economy) 39
M.A. In Medieval History 31
M.A. In Economics 96
M.A. In Ancient History 31

Does JNU offer MA in history?

Students entering the Centre are offered a flexible programme while specialising in (1) Ancient History or (2) Medieval History or (3) Modern History. All courses offered to the students of the MA programme are lecture courses, except for two seminar courses in the fourth and final semester. …

Does JNU entrance has negative marking?

As per the JNU exam pattern 2021, the maximum marks of the question paper will be 100….JNU Exam Pattern 2021.

Exam duration 3 hours
Medium of exam English
Marking scheme/scoring 1, 2, 3 or 4 Marks for a correct response (weightage of each question may vary for different programmes) No negative marking for an incorrect response
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Can I do MA in history after BSc?

Yes, You can go for MA program even after graduating in BSc ( PCM ). MA is a postgraduate academic degree that is awarded in a non-science subject. An MA is a 2-year degree program that can be done in subjects like English, Hindi and any regional or foreign language.

How is the JNU entrance exam for history?

The JNU entrance exam for history is usually divided into two parts- one, which is a comprehension section and consists of a passage to read and has questions based on it. This section cannot be planned for very definitely, because the passages are very random.

How many history questions are there in the entrance exam?

Go through the past years entrance exam question papers. The first 7 or 8 questions are related to history and 3 are questions on current events. You’re supposed to attempt 3 questions. Do not write irrelevant stories to fill up the pages. That just annoys the people who check your paper.

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What is the question paper worth of 100 marks in JEE Mains?

The question paper worth a total of 100 marks will be divided into three sections. Students will be required to answer questions from all sections. Section 1 will carry 30 marks. It will lhave one comprehension passage in English and candidates will be required to answer six questions based on the given passage. Section 2 will carry 20 marks.